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NA - Nord America 1821
EU - Europa 1367
AS - Asia 355
AF - Africa 5
SA - Sud America 5
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 1
OC - Oceania 1
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 1764
IT - Italia 806
CN - Cina 271
IE - Irlanda 120
UA - Ucraina 118
FI - Finlandia 116
SE - Svezia 70
CA - Canada 52
DE - Germania 50
GB - Regno Unito 38
VN - Vietnam 36
IN - India 15
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ES - Italia 7
CL - Cile 5
IR - Iran 5
MX - Messico 5
RS - Serbia 4
BE - Belgio 3
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GR - Grecia 3
ID - Indonesia 3
JP - Giappone 3
PL - Polonia 3
SI - Slovenia 3
AT - Austria 2
EG - Egitto 2
IQ - Iraq 2
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NG - Nigeria 2
NL - Olanda 2
PT - Portogallo 2
RU - Federazione Russa 2
SG - Singapore 2
SK - Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca) 2
TW - Taiwan 2
AU - Australia 1
BD - Bangladesh 1
EU - Europa 1
LT - Lituania 1
MA - Marocco 1
MY - Malesia 1
PH - Filippine 1
TR - Turchia 1
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Chandler 468
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Princeton 125
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Wilmington 56
Woodbridge 52
Ottawa 50
Houston 37
Beijing 36
Dong Ket 36
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Nanchang 27
Hebei 24
Rome 24
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Norwalk 22
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Naples 21
Shenyang 21
Caserta 18
Redwood City 18
Torino 18
Jiaxing 16
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Aversa 9
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Milan 8
Pozzuoli 8
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Kunming 6
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Indiana 4
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New York 4
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Ashburn 3
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Casatenovo 3
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Fremont 3
Grumo Appula 3
Islamabad 3
Kraków 3
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Mianwali 3
Valdivia 3
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Campora 2
Chandigarh 2
Chongqing 2
Eboli 2
Genova 2
Hangzhou 2
Hesperange 2
Isleworth 2
Jakarta 2
Jesi 2
Madrid 2
Marano di Napoli 2
Martin 2
Modena 2
Nola 2
Ottaviano 2
Pescara 2
Plavecké Podhradie 2
Roccadaspide 2
San Giorgio Del Sannio 2
San Giuliano Milanese 2
San Mango 2
San Paolo Bel Sito 2
Santiago 2
Scafati 2
Seattle 2
Shanghai 2
Simi Valley 2
Stella Cilento 2
Tokyo 2
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Nome #
Ricerca di potenziali plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) selezionati come microrganismi in grado di migliorare lo sviluppo e la difesa delle colture agrarie e messa a punto di formulati con attività biostimolanti e protettive nei confronti di piante ortive per l'agricoltura convenzionale e biologica 93
The role of biostimulants and bioeffectors as alleviators of abiotic stress in crop plants 68
Antimicrobial activity of Staphylococcus xylosus from Italian sausages against Listeria monocytogenes 63
Giant reed growth and soil biological fertility in assisted phytoremediation of an industrial polluted soil. 63
Characterization of leavened doughs for pizza in Naples. 60
Selection of Lactobacillus strains from fermented sausages for their potential use as probiotics. 59
Biomass accumulation and heavy metal uptake of giant reed on polluted soil in southern Italy. 59
Chestnut green waste composting for sustainable forest management: Microbiota dynamics and impact on plant disease control 55
The SIQUALTECA project: technological and probiotic characteristics of Lactobacillus and coagulase negative Staphylococcus strains as starter for fermented sausage manufacture 55
Technological activities of Staphylococcus carnosus and Staphylococcus simulans strains isolated from fermented sausages 54
Agronomic and microbiological quality assessment of chestnut bush composted biomasses 51
Genotyping of Streptococcus thermophilus evidenced by restriction analysis of ribosomal DNA 46
Comparative assessment of autochthonous bacterial and fungal communities and microbial biomarkers of polluted agricultural soils of the Terra dei Fuochi 46
Technological and molecular diversity of Lactobacillus plantarum strains isolated from naturally fermented sourdoughs 45
Anaerobic Process for Bioenergy Recovery From Dairy Waste: Meta-Analysis and Enumeration of Microbial Community Related to Intermediates Production 45
Antilisterial activity of thermophilin 347, a bacteriocin produced by Streptococcus thermophilus 42
Behaviour of Listeria monocytogenes during the traditional manufacture of water-buffalo Mozzarella cheese 42
2010-2013. Progetto MIPAF – BIOFORME, Biocarburanti da fonti completamente rinnovabili non in competizione con colture alimentari in ambiente mediterraneo. DM/2355217303/10 del 21/10/2010. 41
Lignocellulose-Adapted Endo-Cellulase Producing Streptomyces Strains for Bioconversion of Cellulose-Based Materials 41
16S-23S rDNA Intergenic Spacer Region polymorphism of Lactococcus garviae, Lactococcus raffinolactis and Lactococcus lactis as revealed by PCR and nucleotide sequence analysis. 40
Differential viable count of mixed starter cultures of lactic acid bacteria in doughs by using modified Chalmers medium 39
Selection and Use of Phytate-Degrading LAB to Improve Cereal-Based Products by Mineral Solubilization During Dough Fermentation 39
Bio-Based Succinate Production from Arundo donax Hydrolysate with the New Natural Succinic Acid-Producing Strain Basfia succiniciproducens BPP7 39
Antagonistic activity of lactic acid bacteria isolated from natural whey starters for water-buffalo mozzarella cheese manufacture. 38
Assessment of plant growth promoting activities and abiotic stress tolerance of Azotobacter chroococcum strains for a potential use in sustainable agriculture 38
Plant-Rhizobium symbiosis, seed nutraceuticals and waste quality for energy production of Vicia faba L. as affected by crop management 38
Use of Compost from Chestnut Lignocellulosic Residues as Substrate for Tomato Growth 37
3rd International Symposium on Organic Greenhouse Horticulture 36
PCR detection of staphylococcal enterotoxin genes in Staphylococcus spp. strains isolated from meat and dairy products. Evidence for new variants of seG and seI in S. aureus AB-8802 35
Partial characterization of an antagonistic substance produced by Staphylococcus xylosus 1E and determination of the effectiveness of the producer strain to inhibit Listeria monocytogenes in Italian sausages 35
Changes in soil mineral N content and abundances of bacterial communities involved in N reactions under laboratory conditions as predictors of soil N availability to maize under field conditions 35
Isolation of new cellulase and xylanase producing strains and application to lignocellulosic biomasses hydrolysis and succinic acid production 35
Trichoderma-based biostimulants modulate rhizosphere microbial populations and improve N uptake efficiency, yield, and nutritional quality of leafy vegetables 35
Root inoculation with Azotobacter chroococcum 76A enhances tomato plants adaptation to salt stress under low N conditions 35
Effect of social interaction and meal accompaniments on acceptability of sourdough prepared croissants: An exploratory study 34
Effect of proteolytic starter cultures as leavening agents of pizza dough 34
Bioreactors for lignocellulose conversion into fermentable sugars for production of high added value products 33
Discovery of genes coding for carbohydrate-active enzyme by metagenomic analysis of lignocellulosic biomasses 33
Effect of leavening microflora on pizza dough properties 32
Detection and characterization of a bacteriocin, garviecin L1-5, produced by Lactococcus garvieae isolated from raw cow’s milk 32
Development of in vitro screening method to select EPS-producing LAB for cereal based products 31
Soil tillage and compost amendment promote bioremediation and biofertility of polluted area 31
Microbial consortia: Promising probiotics as plant biostimulants for sustainable agriculture 31
Plant growth-promoting organisms to improve plant performance of hydroponic grown soybean in BLSSs. 30
Exploring the microbiota dynamics related to vegetable biomasses degradation and study of lignocellulose-degrading bacteria for industrial biotechnological application 30
Draft genome sequence of Talaromyces adpressus 30
Improved production of succinic acid from Basfia succiniciproducens growing on A. donax and process evaluation through material flow analysis 30
Bacterial and enzymatic activity diversity of Arundo donax lignocellulosic biomass 29
Biodegradable mulching vs traditional polyethylene film for sustainable solarization: Chemical properties and microbial community response to soil management 29
Conjugal transfer of plasmid-borne bacteriocin production in Enterococcus faecalis 226NWC. 28
Biochemical properties and beta propeller phytase from Bacillus sp. in soils under organic farming 28
Effect of Sourdough with Exopolysaccharide (EPS)-Producing Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) on Sensory Quality of Bread during Shelf Life 28
Effective degradation of organic pollutants in aqueous media by microbial strains isolated from soil of a contaminated industrial site 28
Effect of Cellulase, Substrate Concentrations, and Configuration Processes on Cellulosic Ethanol Production from Pretreated Arundo donax 28
Multi-step screening to develop a sourdough starter culture to use in sweet leavening baked good “cornetto” production 27
Chestnut Biomass Biodegradation for Sustainable Agriculture 26
Assisted phytoextraction of heavy metals: compost and Trichoderma effects on giant reed (Arundo donax L) uptake and soil N-cycle microflora 26
Bio-based chemical production from Arundo donax feedstock fermentation using Cosenzaea myxofaciens BPM1 26
Enterocin 226 NWC, a bacteriocin produced by Enterococcus faecalis 226 active against Listeria monocytogenes. 25
Characterization in the archaeological excavation site of heterotrophic bacteria and fungi of deteriorated wall painting of Herculaneum in Italy 25
Identification and Characterisation of a Pectinolytic Enzyme from Paenibacillus xylanolyticus 25
Microbial and functional diversity of C cycle microrganisms during natural degradation of different vegetable biomass 25
Pre-treatment and inoculum affect the microbial community structure and enhance the biogas reactor performance in a pilot-scale biodigestion of municipal solid waste 25
Securing of an industrial soil using turfgrass assisted by biostimulants and compost amendment 25
Rope-producing strains of Bacillus spp. from wheat bread and strategy for their control by lactic acid bacteria. 24
Selezione di ceppi microbici di batteri lattici e lieviti per la messa a punto di uno starter microbico specifico per impasti acidi da impiegare nella produzione di prodotti da forno dolci surgelati a lievitazione naturale ”. 24
Identification and technological characterization of yeast strains isolated from samples of Water Buffalo Mozzarella cheese 24
Industrial waste based compost as a source of novel cellulolytic strains and enzymes 24
Cellulolytic Bacillus strains from natural habitats - A review 24
Biodegradation of persistent organic pollutants by autochthonous microbial strains isolated from a historically polluted soil of industrial site 24
Effetto delle differenti condizioni di fermentazione sulle caratteristiche reologiche dell’impasto per pizza. 23
Beneficial microbes useful for both biocontrol of plant pathogens and bioremediation of site contaminated by Methyl tert-butyl ether (MtBE). 23
Cloning and recombinant expression of a cellulase from the cellulolytic strain Streptomyces sp. G12 isolated from compost 23
Chestnut composting: a study on microbial communities evolution 23
Biostimulant activity of azotobacter chroococcum and trichoderma harzianum in durum wheat under water and nitrogen deficiency 23
Impact of Innovative Agricultural Practices of Carbon Sequestration on Soil Microbial Community. 22
Effect of sourdough at different concentrations on quality and shelf life of bread 22
Prove di produzione di impasti acidi in funzione di varie condizioni fisiche e con con diversi ceppi microbici selezionati 21
B2a) Isolation and selection of bacteria from microbial community of contaminated soil on the basis of their biodegradative potential and ability to produce structured biofilms, with the aim to prepare formulates for in situ application C2b) Evaluation of the microbial community structure of contaminated soil by PCR-DGGE 21
Copper accumulation in agricultural soils: Risks for the food chain and soil microbial populations 21
Bioformulations with beneficial microbial consortia a bioactive compound and plant biopolymers modulate sweet basil productivity photosynthetic activity and metabolites 21
Effect of iron-porphyrin treatment on soil microbial communities 20
Mode of action of Lactococcus lactis Sa31 antimicrobial pepetide on Listeria monocytogenes 1/2 c 20
Influence of different lignocellulose sources on endo-1,4-beta-glucanase gene expression and enzymatic activity of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens B31C 20
Production of succinic acid from Basfia succinici producens up to the pilot scale from Arundo donax hydrolysate 20
Integrated systems for biopolymers and bioenergy production from organic waste and by-products: a review of microbial processes 20
The effect of bacterial and archaeal populations on anaerobic process fed with mozzarella cheese whey and buttermilk 20
Methyl t-butyl ether-degrading bacteria for bioremediation and biocontrol purposes 20
Rheological analysis aimed to monitor the leavening process of pizza dough prepared in different conditions. Ed.CNR 19
Removal of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) by selected microbial strains isolated from highly contaminated soil 19
Microbiological and physic-chemical characterization during chestnut composting for sustainable fertilization. 19
Methylobacterium populiVP2: Plant Growth-Promoting Bacterium Isolated from a Highly Polluted Environment for Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) Biodegradation 19
Saccharification of newspaper waste after ammonia fiber expansion or extractive ammonia 19
Bioprospecting of exopolysaccharide-producing bacteria from different natural ecosystems for biopolymer synthesis from vinasse 19
Probiotic activities and root colonization of new Kosakonia pseudosacchari strains isolated from wheat rhizosphere under stress conditions. 19
Pizza dough differentiation by principal component analysis of alveographic, microbiological, and chemical parameters 18
Improvement of frozen dough stability using a cryoresistant yeast strain and refreshment 18
Selection of new fungal strain producing feruloyl esterases for biotechnological applications 18
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