Distribuzione geografica
Continente #
EU - Europa 2123
NA - Nord America 1823
AS - Asia 395
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 3
OC - Oceania 3
AF - Africa 2
SA - Sud America 2
Totale 4351
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 1770
IT - Italia 1231
CN - Cina 331
UA - Ucraina 193
IE - Irlanda 171
FI - Finlandia 161
NL - Olanda 100
DE - Germania 80
FR - Francia 58
SE - Svezia 55
CA - Canada 53
GB - Regno Unito 37
TR - Turchia 21
VN - Vietnam 17
IN - India 15
RS - Serbia 9
IR - Iran 5
PL - Polonia 5
CH - Svizzera 4
AL - Albania 3
AT - Austria 3
AU - Australia 3
ES - Italia 3
EU - Europa 3
GR - Grecia 3
BE - Belgio 2
EG - Egitto 2
JP - Giappone 2
KR - Corea 2
AR - Argentina 1
BR - Brasile 1
DK - Danimarca 1
ID - Indonesia 1
LT - Lituania 1
RU - Federazione Russa 1
SI - Slovenia 1
SM - San Marino 1
TH - Thailandia 1
Totale 4351
Città #
Chandler 364
Jacksonville 202
Millbury 186
Princeton 163
Nanjing 109
Amsterdam 98
Boston 85
Wilmington 83
Rome 60
Napoli 57
Beijing 53
Woodbridge 51
Ottawa 49
Nanchang 32
Hebei 30
Shenyang 27
Des Moines 22
Tianjin 22
Ann Arbor 20
Milan 20
Falls Church 17
Norwalk 17
Catanzaro 16
Changsha 16
Dong Ket 16
Houston 16
Bologna 15
Jiaxing 15
Naples 15
Florence 12
Cagliari 11
Caserta 11
Salerno 11
Orange 10
Torino 10
Boardman 8
Cosenza 8
Grammichele 8
Kunming 8
Çanakkale 8
Chieti 7
Ferrara 7
Turin 7
Augusta 6
Belgrade 6
Muggiò 6
Palermo 6
Redmond 6
Verona 6
Bari 5
Berlin 5
Brescia 5
Catania 5
Crotone 5
Hangzhou 5
Indiana 5
Livorno 5
Olbia 5
Venezia 5
Avezzano 4
Corciano 4
Dallas 4
Modena 4
Montalto Uffugo 4
Padova 4
Parma 4
Reggio Calabria 4
Rende 4
Seattle 4
Selargius 4
Siena 4
Terlizzi 4
Treviso 4
Buccinasco 3
Capoterra 3
Gonars 3
Istanbul 3
Lessolo 3
Macerata 3
Menlo Park 3
Mountain View 3
Nice 3
Pavia 3
Potenza 3
Pozzuoli 3
Prato 3
Sassari 3
Sìnnai 3
Toronto 3
Varazze 3
Yellow Springs 3
Aci Catena 2
Adelfia 2
Aliminusa 2
Anagni 2
Aversa 2
Bisignano 2
Botricello 2
Bovisio Masciago 2
Brooklyn 2
Totale 2216
Nome #
Etosomi e transferosomi per la veicolazione topica del resveratrolo. 979
Etosomi e transferosomi per la veicolazione topica del resveratrolo 204
Sviluppo di nuovi gel fisici a base di chitosano per il trattamento di piaghe da decubito. 88
Ruolo dei fattori trascrizionali NF-kB, IRF-1 e STAT1 nell’induzione del gene della iNOS da parte di gliadina ed IFN- in macrofagi RAW 264.7 83
Local administration of WIN 55,212-2 reduces chronic granuloma-associated angiogenesis in rat by inhibiting NF-kappaB activation 56
Adenosine A2A Receptor Agonist, 2-p-(2-Carboxyethyl)phenethylamino-5′-N-ethylcarboxamidoadenosine hydrochloride hydrate (CGS21680), Inhibits Inflammation and Increases Fibroblast Growth Factor 2 (FGF-2) Tissue Expression in Carrageenan Induced Rat Paw Edema. 51
Transcription factor decoy oligonucleotides to nuclear factor-κB inhibits reverse passive Arthus reaction in rat. 48
Novel Non-Peptide Small Molecules Preventing IKKβ/NEMO Association Inhibit NF-κB Activation in LPS-Stimulated J774 Macrophages 47
NF-kappaB regulates cell survival in chronic granulomatous inflammation. 45
A new antiproliferative sulfated alkene from the mediterranean tunicate Microcosmus vulgaris 40
12-Keto-Porrigenin and the Unique 2,3-Seco-Porrigenin, New Antiproliferative Sapogenins isolated from Allium porrum. 39
Inhibition of nuclear factor-kB activation prevents the loss of vascular tone in LPS-treated rats. 38
Hydroxytyrosol, a phenolic compound from virgin olive oil, prevents macrophage activation. 36
Nuovi liposomi cationici per la veicolazione di oligonucleotidi. 36
Palmitoylethanolamide inhibits rMCP-5 expression by regulating MITF activation in rat chronic granulomatous inflammation 36
Antihistaminic activity of the alkaloids isolated from Caribbean Agelas sponges. 35
New cytotoxic steroids from the marine sponge Dysidea fragilis coming from the lagoon of Venice 34
Effects of Hydroxytyrosol on Macrophage Activation 34
Design and characterization of a chitosan physical gel promoting wound healing in mice. 34
Inhibition of iNOS protein expression by decoy ODN against NF-kappaB released from PLGA microspheres and naked ODN in activated macrophages. 33
Cyclolinteinone, a sesterterpene from sponge Cacospongia linteiformis, prevents inducible nitric oxide synthase and inducible cyclo-oxygenase protein expression by blocking nuclear factor-kappaB activation in J774 macrophages. 33
Inflammatory events in a vascular remodeling model induced by surgical injury to the rat carotid artery. 33
The role of NF-kappaB, IRF-1, STA-1alpha transcription factors in the iNOS gene induction by gliadin and IFN-gamma in RAW 264.7 macrophages. 33
Neutralization of Interleukin-18 Inhibits Neointimal Formation in a Rat Model of Vascular Injury. 32
The IkB Kinase Inhibitor, NEMO-binding Domain Peptide, inhibits rat balloon injury-induced neointimal formation. 32
Effect of Hyaluronic Acid on the Thermogelation and Biocompatibility of its blends with Methyl Cellulose 32
Nuclear factor-kB activation mediates inducible nitric oxide synthase expression in carrageenin-induced pleurisy. 31
Transcription factor decoy oligodeoxynucleotides to nuclear factor-kappaB inhibits reverse passive Arthus reaction in rat. 31
Activation of nuclear factor-kB in rat carrageenin-induced pleurisy. 31
NFkappaB decoy oligonucleotides. 31
Gliadina ed espressione del gene della iNOS: ruolo di NF-kB, IRF-1 e STAT-1 alfa. 31
Delivery of a decoy oligonucleotide against NF-??B by new cationic liposomes 31
Novel antiproliferative Alkyl sulfates from the Mediterranean tunicate Ascidia mentula 30
A decoy oligonucleotide to NF-κB delivered through inhalable particles inhibits the lung inflammation induced by LPS in rat 29
Neutralization of IL-18 inhibits injury-induced neointima formation. 28
Role of nuclear factor-kappaB in a rat model of vascular injury. 28
Activation of nuclear transcription factor kappaB in rat carrageenin-induced pleurisy. 28
5,6-Dihydroxyindole-2-carboxylic acid, a diffusible melanin precursor, is a potent stimulator of lipopolysaccharide-induced production of nitric oxide by J774 macrophages 28
Antiproliferative sesterterpenes from the Caribbean sponge Cacospongia cf. linteiformis. 28
Transferosomes and ethosomes for the trans-resveratrol permeation through the skin: a comparative study. 28
Evidence that mast cell degranulation, histamine and tumour necrosis factor alpha release occurin LPS-induced plasma leakage in rat skin 27
Characterization of vasocortin-like proteins induced by dexamethasone in endothelial cells. 27
L'agelongina inibisce la produzione di NO e l'espressione della iNOS in cellule di glioma di ratto C6 stimolate con LPS ed IFN-gamma 27
Control of autophagy by oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes 26
Anti-inflammatory activity of macrolide antibiotics. 25
A new approach for cystic fibrosis treatment: large porous particles for local and prolonged delivery of an oligonucleotide decoy to Nuclear Factor-kB in the lung 25
Cannabidiol inhibits inducible nitric oxide synthase protein expression and nitric oxide production in beta-amyloid stimulated PC12 neurons through p38 MAP kinase and NF-kappaB involvement 24
Porrigenins A and B, novel cytotoxic and antiproliferative sapogenins isolated from Allium porrum 24
Macrophage Autophagy in Atherosclerosis 24
A Decoy Oligonucleotide to NF-κB Delivered through Inhalable Particles Prevents LPS-Induced Rat Airway Inflammation. 24
A Novel Bromopyrrole Alkaloid From The Sponge Agelas longissima With Antiserotonergic Activity 23
Lipocortins 23
PEI-Engineered Respirable Particles Delivering a Decoy Oligonucleotide to NF-kB: Inhibiting MUC2 Expression in LPS-Stimulated Airway Epithelial Cells 23
Different strategy for an efficient delivery of an oligonucleotide decoy to NF-kappaB. 23
Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of Modified Adenosines Joined to Mono-Functional Platinum Moieties 23
Nuclear factor kappa B is activated in small intestinal mucosa of celiac patients. 22
Enhanced intracellular uptake and inhibition of NF-kappaB activation by decoy oligonucleotide released from PLGA microspheres. 22
Development of new physical gels based on chitosan for wound healing. 22
Nuclear factor-kappaB is activated in small intestinal mucosa of celiac patients. 21
Nuclear factor-kappaB regulates inflammatory cell apoptosis and phagocytosis in rat carrageenin-sponge implant model. 21
Structure and absolute stereochemistry of the new cyclolinteinol and cyclolinteinol acetate, macrophage activation modulators 21
Cloricromene inhibits the induction of nitric oxide synthase. 21
Cacospongionolide and scalaradial, two marine sesterterpenoids as potent apoptosis-inducing factors in human carcinoma cell lines. 21
Nanocarriers for topical delivery of resveratrol. 21
Nanocarriers for topical administration of resveratrol: a comparative study 21
Enhanced antioxidant effect of trans-resveratrol: potential of binary systems with polyethylene glycol and cyclodextrin. 21
Improving therapy of lung inflammation by inhalable powders for prolonged release of a decoy oligonucleotide against NF-kB 21
Nitric oxide prevents inducible cyclooxygenase expression by inhibiting nuclear factor-kB and nuclear factor-interleukin-6 activation 20
Evidence that inducible nitric oxide synthase is involved in LPS-induced plasma leakage in rat skin through the activation of nuclear factor-kB 20
Gliadin increases iNOS protein expression in activated macrophages. 20
Nuclear factor-kB activation mediates the expression of inducible isoforms of nitric oxide synthase and cyclooxygenase in a rat model of vascular injury. 20
A Polysaccharide from tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) peels affects NF-kappaB activation in LPS-stimulated J774 macrophages. 20
Biodegradable particles for local and prolonged delivery of an oligonucleotide decoy to nuclear factor-kB in the lung 20
Liposomi cationici per il rilascio di un oligonucleotide decoy contro il fattore di trascrizione NF-kappaB 20
Prostaglandins prevent inducible nitric oxide synthase protein expression by inhibiting nuclear factor-kB activation in J774 macrophages 19
Engineering inhalable particles for local and prolonged delivery of an oligonucleotide decoy to nuclear factor-kb 19
Prostaglandins prevent nitric oxide synthase expression by inhibiting nuclear factor-kB activation in J774 macrophages 18
Role of Nuclear Factor–kappaB in rat model of vascular injury 18
Local administration of transcription factor decoy oligonucleotides to nuclear factor-kB prevents carrageenin-induced inflammation in rat hind paw. 18
Vasocortin: a novel glucocorticoid-induced anti-inflammatory protein. 18
Neutralization of IL-18 inhibits neointima formation in a rat model of vascular injury 17
Protective role of nuclear factor kappaB against nitric oxide-induced apoptosis in J774 macrophages 17
NF-kappaB is activated in intestinal mucosa of coeliac patients. 17
The role of NF-kappaB, IRF-1, and STAT-1alpha transcription factors in the iNOS gene induction by gliadin and IFN-gamma in RAW 264.7 macrophages. 17
The inhibition of platelet aggregation by activated macrophages is blocked by dexamethasone. 17
Development of new physical gels based on chitosan for wound healing. 17
The role of NF-kB in chronic inflammation 17
Oligonucleotide decoy to NF-kappaB slowly released from PLGA microspheres reduces chronic inflammation in rat. 16
The IkB kinase inhibitor nuclear factor-kB essential modulator-binding domain peptide for inhibition of injury-induced neointimal formation. 16
In situ forming gel fo wound healing 16
Sustained inhibition of IL-6 and IL-8 expression by decoy ODN to NF-??B delivered through respirable large porous particles in LPS-stimulated cystic fibrosis bronchial cells. 16
Effects of Tyrosol on RAW 264.7 Macrophages Activated by Interferon-gamma and Gliadin 15
Respirable large porous particles for local and prolonged delivery of an oligonucleotide decoy to Nuclear Factor-kB: in vitro/in vivo potential in cystic fibrosis 15
Novel chitosan gel for wound healing: thermal, rheological, in vitro drug release and biocompatibility properties 15
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