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Nome #
ll territorio di Thamusida (Sidi Ali ben Ahmed, Marocco) tra l'epoca maura e i nostri giorni: per una ricostruzione paleo-ambientale. 167
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Wooden resource and timber use in Roman Campania: economical and ecological implications. 41
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Le tracce più antiche della vite nel paesaggio: le grandi foreste planiziali 38
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Dating the beginning of the Roman viticultural model in the Western Mediterranean: The case study of Chianti (Central Italy) 35
Anthropogenic and environmental factors affect the treeline position of Fagus sylvatica along the Apennines (Italy) 35
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Indicazioni paleovegetazionali dai carotaggi MAPPA 34
The Etna Garden of Villa Manganelli Biscari: Knowledge, conservation and restoration. 34
null 33
Farming in a rural settlement in central Italy: cultural and environmental implications of crop production through the transition from Lombard to Frankish influence (8th–11th centuries A.D.) 33
Archaeobotanica 33
Wood exploitation and food supply at the border of the Roman Empire: the case of the vicus of Thamusida – Sidi Ali ben Ahmed (Morocco) 33
Evoluzione del Paesaggio Agro-forestale nell'Etruria Settentrionale Costiera tra III Secolo a.C. e XIII Secolo d.C. 33
Boschi di neoformazione e nuovi scenari di propagazione d'incendio 32
Il paesaggio agrario italiano da Emilio Sereni ad oggi 32
Analisi del supporto ligneo della Tavola di Acerenza: individuazione della specie arborea e datazione radiocarbonica. 32
Le rose, la botanica e l'uomo 32
Archeologia dei paesaggi? 32
Recent Dynamics of Mediterranean Vegetation and Landscape 31
Fortified centers, settlements systems and environmental processes in Tyrrhenian Calabria from the second to the first millennium B.C.: an interdisciplinary research. 31
The contribution of archaeological plant remains in tracing the cultural history of Mediterranean trees: The example of the Roman harbour of Neapolis 30
Multiproxy approach to the study of Medieval food habits in Tuscany (central Italy) 30
Cambiamenti ambientali indotti dalle variazioni climatiche oloceniche e dall’uomo nell’area dell’Abitato antico di Pontecagnano (SA –Italia meridionale) 28
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Use and reuse of amphorae. Wine residues in Dressel 2-€“4 amphorae from Oplontis Villa B (Torre Annunziata, Italy) 27
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Local or global? Methods to solve the problem of silver fir timber circulation during the Roman Age 22
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Collezioni di legni e carboni del museo botanico O. Comes 20
Italian cultural landscapes, a little known resource: the study case of the Alberata Aversana, a vineyard 2500 years old. 20
Geoarcheologia e paleoambienti olocenici di Pontecagnano (Salerno – Italia meridionale): un approccio multidisciplinare. 19
Pollen-wood analysis at the Neapolis harbour site (1st-3rd century AD, southern Italy) an its archaeobotanical implications. 19
Funzioni delle matricine dei cedui nella teoria selvicolturale del XVIII e XIX secolo 19
Multidisciplinary study of Holocene soils in the archaeological sites of Cecita Lake (Sila Massif, Calabria, Italy): paleoenvironmental reconstruction 19
Late Holocene persistence of Abies alba in low-mid altitude deciduous forests of central and southern Italy: new perspectives from charcoal data 19
The New MuSA (Agricultural Sciences Museum): an extraordinary opportunity to enhance the scientific knowledge. 19
La modernizzazione e le trasformazioni del paesaggio agrario negli ultimi due secoli 19
Il ruolo della vegetazione nelle frane di Quindici (SA) 18
Pollen and macroremains from Holocene archaeological sites: A dataset for the understanding of the bio-cultural diversity of the Italian landscape 18
Ancient slag heaps in Cyprus: the contribution of charcoal analysis to the study of the ancient copper industry 18
Soil charcoal analysis as a climato-stratigraphical tool: the key case of Cordillera Real,northern Andes 17
Climate changes and first evidence of human impact in the southern Tyrrhenian coast during the last climatic cycle: regional versus local vegetation signal 16
Holocene environmental changes reconstructed in two archaeological sites in Calabria (Southern Italy): a pedological and anthracological perspective. 16
The Roman shipwrecks of Neapolis : timber-woodland relationship. 15
La storia del Castagno in Campania: integrazione di dati pollinici ed antracologici 15
Diagnostica per la conoscenza: le ricerche sull'autoritratto lucano 15
Evoluzione del paesaggio agro-forestale nell'Italia Medio-Tirrenica tra Età Romana e Basso Medio Evo 15
Vegetation and climate changes during the OIS 9-8 from Compositional Data Analysis and Modern Analogues Technique of the high resolution pollen record of Acerno (southern Italy) 14
High resolution archaeoenvironmental study of a Copper age site in the Central Alps. (Ossimo “Anvòia”, Italy). 14
Holocene mountain forest changes in central Mediterranean: Soil charcoal data from the Sila Massif (Calabria, southern Italy) 14
Multidisciplinary study of Holocene archaeological soils in an upland Mediterranean site: Natural versus anthropogenic environmental changes at Cecita Lake, Calabria, Italy 13
Vegetation history over the last 2500 years: a multisite approach in Maremma (Tuscany, Italy) 13
Recent history, use and forgetfulness of the cypress forest of fontegreca (Southern Italy) 13
Shaping Mediterranean landscapes: The cultural impact of anthropogenic fires in Tyrrhenian southern Tuscany during the Iron and Middle Ages (800–450 BC / AD 650–1300) 13
Dal paesaggio alla funzione delle strutture: primi risultati delle analisi archeobotaniche e chimiche a Mirandolo (Siena) 12
first evidences of chestnut (Castanea sativa mill.) cultivation for timber production in Campania: a high spatio-temporal definition though pollen and charcoal data 12
paleoenvironmental reconstructions based on the study of holocene soils in the archaeological sites around Cecita lake (Sila massif) 11
Reworking the idea of chestnut (*Castanea sativa* Mill.) cultivation in Roman times: new data from ancient Campania. 11
Incendi e paesaggio vegetale: il caso del Cilento, Campania. 11
Reconstruction of Holocene environmental changes in two archaeological sites of Calabria (Southern Italy) using an integrated pedological and anthracological approach. 11
Totale 2922
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