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Ottawa 58
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Dublin 27
Jiaxing 27
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Savigliano 1
Shenzhen 1
Silea 1
Simi Valley 1
Taranto 1
Torino 1
Vietri Sul Mare 1
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Nome #
Climate Changes and Maritime Transportation: A State of the Art 71
Airborne Noise Prediction of a Ro/Ro Pax Ferry in the Port of Naples 59
Development, calibration and validation of a model for the acoustic field generated by a ship in port 47
Analysis of airborne noise emitted from ships 34
Propeller underwater radiated noise: A comparison between model scale measurements in two different facilities and full scale measurements 34
Basic Concepts Of Sound and Vibration 33
Evaluating LIDAR Sensors for the Survey of Emissions from Ships at Harbor 33
Airborne noise emissions from marine vessels: An analysis based on measurements in port 31
On field experimental characterisation of the ship sources of acoustic pollution within a commercial harbour 28
Analysis of noise on board a ship during navigation and manoeuvres 27
I materiali compositi nella costruzione delle unità da diporto 26
Comparing ship underwater noise measured at sea with predictions by empirical models 26
Acoustical behaviour of a passenger cabin of a Ro-Pax vessel 25
Analisi delle prove sperimentali di flessione a tre punti condotte su due serie di pannelli di vetroresina irrigiditi da corrugazioni longitudinali 25
Noise on board RO-Pax vessels: Measured levels on existing ships and new pre-normative requirements 24
Holistic control of ship noise emissions 23
Introduction to Ship Acoustics 23
Acoustic impact of ships: Noise-related needs, quantification and justification 23
Ship synthesis model for the preliminary design of a fleet of compressed natural gas carriers 23
Airborne noise emissions from ships: Experimental characterization of the source and propagation over land 22
Bottom damage scenarios for the hull girder structural assessment 21
Material selection for the gas containment system of a compressed natural gas carrier fleet 21
Validation of a simulation tool for ship traffic noise 21
Acoustical impact of the ship source 21
Remote and optical monitoring techniques applied to the maritime sector 21
Noise and Vibration 20
Noise emitted from ships: impact inside and outside the vessels 20
Second Level Reliability Analysis of a Double Hull Oil Tanker 20
Bayesian networks for probabilistic modelling of still water bending moment for side-damaged tankers 20
Bonded joints in shipbuilding: A technological approach to the characterization of actual performances 20
A numerical code for underwater noise propagation 20
Modelling ice characteristics in iceberg-ship collision analyses 19
Numerical investigation of the impact of speed reduction on propeller excitation 19
Ship side damage due to collision with icebergs 19
Aspects of a reliability calculation performed on an oil tanker 19
Normative framework for Ship Noise: Present Situation and Future Trends 18
Model scale investigation of the effect of different speed reduction strategies on cavitating propeller radiated noise 17
Robustness: Theoretical Framework 17
Fatigue analysis of off-shore wellheads during drilling operations carried out from semi-submersible units 17
Acceptance Criteria for Robustness of Structures 17
Ship wake scaling and effect on propeller performances 16
Parametric Analysis of Ship Noise Spectra 16
Innovative de-coupling materials for the isolation of ship cabins 16
Logistics-based fleet design for complex transportation scenarios 16
Validation of an Emission Model for a Marine Diesel Engine with Data from Sea Operations 16
Stochastic Model of the Still Water Bending Moment of Oil Tankers 15
An application of Bayesian networks for the optimization of a bridge layout 15
Experimental analysis of the influence of ship wake scaling on marine propeller radiated noise and pressure pulses 15
Noise footprint: A proposal within the framework of FP7 AQUO project to define a goal based approach towards the reduction of underwater radiated noise from shipping 15
Statistical analysis of ship noise records 15
Modal behaviour of a full-scale deck panel with anti-noise treatments 15
Alcune note sulla caratterizzazione delle prestazioni acustiche di materiali viscoelastici da impiegarsi nelle pavimentazioni navali 15
Calibration of a partial safety factor format for the verification of the ship’s longitudinal strength 14
Underwater noise emissions: Another challenge for ship design 14
Giunzioni di Al-CMM mediante Friction Stir Welding: influenza sulla distribuzione e sulle dimensioni delle particelle della fase dispersa 14
Spectral analysis of the underwater acoustic noise radiated by ships with controllable pitch propellers 14
Seafarers' work exposure to tonal noise components 14
Dynamic Analysis of a Sandwich Structure 14
Statistical characterization of the ship as a source of noise by means of acoustic range surveys 14
Analysis of ship performance data for the evaluation of marine engines emissions in ports 13
A procedure for the preliminary selection of the main characteristics of a fleet of ships for a given trade 13
Criteria for noise annoyance evaluation on board ships 13
Wave induced global loads for a damaged vessel 13
Dynamic simulation of marine propulsion plants 13
Sound propagation at sea: A parametric investigation 12
Normative framework for noise emissions from ships: Present situation and future trends 12
Innovative de-coupling materials for the isolation of ship cabins 12
Comparison of the JTP and JBP drafts with other class rules 12
Computational study of a fluid-loaded sandwich plate excited by a point force 12
Holistic noise and vibration abatement within the EU 7FP. The SILENV Project: Ship Innovative soLutions to rEduce Noise and Vibrations 12
Surface treatments for ship hulls - present situation and trends 12
Elastic instability of thin cylindrical shells: numerical and experimental investigation 11
Mitigation measures for controlling the ship underwater radiated noise, in the scope of AQUO project 11
Simulation of mechanical and thermodynamic performances of a ship propulsion plant in transient conditions 11
Experimental and theoretical evaluation of GRP superstructure panel behaviour 11
Wave induced global loads for a damaged vessel 10
The Model Correction Factor Method: an efficient response surface technique 10
Control of airborne noise emissions from ships 10
Viscoelastic Materials for Noise Reduction on Board 10
Reliability Based Structural Design and Code Development 10
L’impatto acustico delle navi sul mare 10
Tool wear in Friction Stir Welding of an AA6061/Al2O3/20p alloy 10
Mitigation of Underwater Radiated Noise Related to Shipping and Its Impact on Marine Life: A Practical Approach Developed in the Scope of AQUO Project 9
Measuring damping properties of viscoelastic materials for marine applications 9
New Requirements for Noise Radiated from Ships: Pre-normative Formulations and Background 9
Directivity Patterns of Ship Underwater Noise Emissions 9
Sloshing in a tank of a ship at sea: full scale surveys and analysis 9
Ship underwater noise emissions: uncertainties in the measurements and in the effects on the marine environment 9
Vibrational Behaviour of a Deck Panel of a Fast Ferry 9
Modelling the Outdoor Noise Propagation for Different Ship Types 9
Wind heeling moments on very large ships. Some insights through CFD results 9
Dynamic pressures in sloshing phenomena: a comparison between full scale measurements and numerical calculations 9
Simulation based design of a fleet of ships under power and capacity variations 8
Stress range distributions for the computation of fatigue cumulated damage in marine structures 8
Experimental and numerical investigations for modelling propeller cavitation noise 8
Reliability assessment of a tanker in grounding conditions 8
Combination of vertical and horizontal wave induced bending moments in midship section verifications 8
Totale 1772
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