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Nome #
Mini-Mental State Examination: new normative values on subjects in Southern Italy 145
ARIA digital anamorphosis: Digital transformation of health and care in airway diseases from research to practice 64
The novel butyrate derivative phenylalanine-butyramide protects from doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity 61
Beta(2)-adrenergic receptor gene delivery to the endothelium corrects impaired adrenergic vasorelaxation in hypertension. 54
Evidence-based directions for polypharmacy revision: The experience gained by the campania reference site in the framework of the eip-aha action group A1 and of the friendd pilot study 49
Acute noradrenergic activation induces insulin resistance in human skeletal muscle. 41
Redesigning service delivery for hypertensive patients: a methodological guideline to improve the management of chronic diseases 41
Adenoviral gene transfer of Akt enhances myocardial contractility and intracellular calcium handling. 37
Beta 2 adrenergic receptor improves the endothelial progenitor cells angiogenic function 37
Integrating GRK2 and NFkappaB in the Pathophysiology of Cardiac Hypertrophy 37
GRK2 moderates the acute mitochondrial damage to ionizing radiation exposure by promoting mitochondrial fission/fusion 37
Targeting the CaMKII/ERK Interaction in the Heart Prevents Cardiac Hypertrophy 36
Prescription Patterns of Antidiabetic Treatment in the Elderly. Results from Southern Italy 36
Developing a digital environment for the management of chronic conditions: The proempower experience of a Horizon 2020 PCP for type 2 diabetes 36
Serum Uric Acid and Kidney Disease Measures Independently Predict Cardiovascular and Total Mortality: The Uric Acid Right for Heart Health (URRAH) Project 36
Active and Healthy Ageing and Independent Living 35
Cellular subtype expression and activation of CaMKII regulate the fate of atherosclerotic plaque 34
Ischemic Neoangiogenesis Enhanced by {beta}2-Adrenergic Receptor Overexpression. A Novel Role for the Endothelial Adrenergic System. 33
Growth hormone prolongs survival in experimental postinfarction heart failure. 32
Vitamin D, parathyroid hormone and cardiovascular risk: The good, the bad and the ugly 32
Influence of digitalis on left ventricular functional response to exercise in congestive heart failure 31
Caratterizzazione funzionale della localizzazionemitocondriale di GRK2 31
Age-Related Impairment in Insulin Release The Essential Role of beta(2)-Adrenergic Receptor 31
Operational Definition of Active and Healthy Aging (AHA): The European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on AHA Reference Site Questionnaire: Montpellier October 20-21, 2014, Lisbon July 2, 2015 31
Targeting angiogenesis: structural characterization and biological properties of a de novo engineered VEGF mimicking peptide. 30
Beta 2 adrenergic receptor (ar) polymorphisms, blood pressure levels, cardiac size and vascular damage (vd) in hypertension. 30
Abnormal sympathetic overactivity evoked by insulin in the skeletal muscle of patients with essential hypertension 29
Association Study Between Coronary Artery Disease and rs1333049 Polymorphism at 9p21.3 Locus in Italian Population 29
Antidiabetic and Cardioprotective Effects of Pharmacological Inhibition of GRK2 in db/db Mice 29
Correction of erythrocyte shape abnormalities in familial hypercholesterolemia after LDL-apheresis: does it influence cerebral hemodynamics? 28
SAR study and conformational analysis of a series of novel peptide G protein-coupled receptor kinase 2 inhibitors 28
Role of β2 adrenergic receptors in human atherosclerotic coronary arteries 28
Building bridges for innovation in ageing: Synergies between Action Groups of the EIP on AHA 28
Dual role of GRK5 in cancer development and progression 28
Calmodulin-Dependent Kinase II Mediates Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation and Is Potentiated by Extracellular Signal Regulated Kinase 27
A new synthetic protein, TAT-RH, inhibits tumor growth through the regulation of NFkappaB activity 27
Ruolo dell'interazione tra GRK2 e PI3K gammanella desensibilizzazione dei recettori betaadrenergici cardiaci 27
beta-1 adrenergic receptor blokade and cardiac beta-2 overexpression stimulates angiogenesis in the failing heart 27
GRK2 Levels in Umbilical Arteries of Pregnancies Complicated by Gestational Hypertension and Preeclampsia 27
Good at Heart: Preserving Cardiac Metabolism during aging 27
Parathyroid hormone causes endothelial dysfunction by inducing mitochondrial ROS and specific oxidative signal transduction modifications 27
Beta-adrenergic receptor kinase-1 levels in catecholamine-induced myocardial hypertrophy: regulation by beta- but not alpha1-adrenergic stimulation. 26
L’interazione con ERK favorisce la localizzazionenucleare di CaMKII in cellule muscolari lisce (VSMC) 26
G-protein-coupled receptor kinases in cardiovascular conditions: focus on G-protein-coupled receptor kinase 2, a gain in translational medicine. 26
Adenoviral mediated gene transfer of the beta 2 adrenergic receptor (beta 2AR) corrects impaired angiogenesis in the ischemic hinlimb of hypertensive SHR rats 26
beta 2 adrenergic receptor (AR) polymorphisms, blood pressure levels, cardiac size and vascular damage (VD) in hypertension 25
Oxidative stress mediates the antiproliferative effects of nelfinavir in breast cancer cells 25
Adherence to treatment in allergic rhinitis using mobile technology. the mask study. 25
"One Health" Approach for Health Innovation and Active Aging in Campania (Italy) 25
[Non-hemodynamic mechanisms of cardiovascular risk in the hypertensive patient: insulin resistance] 24
The Antioxidant Therapy: New Insights in the Treatment of Hypertension 24
Role of the sympathetic nervous system in cardiac remodeling in hypertension 24
AKT participates in endothelial dysfunction in hypertension. 24
Ruolo del recettore beta2 adrenergico nellaregolazione dell'omeostasi glicemica 24
Special Issue on Active and Healthy Ageing and Independent Living 24
Serum uric acid and fatal myocardial infarction: detection of prognostic cut-off values: The URRAH (Uric Acid Right for Heart Health) study 24
The Metabolic Role of GRK2 in Insulin Resistance and Associated Conditions 24
Correlation between work impairment, scores of rhinitis severity and asthma using the MASK-air® App 24
Effects of Chronic Supplementation of L-Arginine on Physical Fitness in Water Polo Players 24
Effects of tissue factor induced by oxygen free radicals on coronary flow during reperfusion 23
Effects of Ile164 polymorphism of beta2-adrenergic receptor gene on coronary artery disease. 23
Beta-2 adrenergic receptor (AR) polymorphisms, blood pressure levels and cardiac size in hypertension 23
Characterization of a selective CaMKII peptide inhibitor 23
CaMK4 Gene Deletion Induces Hypertension. 23
NFkappaB is a Key Player in the Crosstalk between Inflammation and Cardiovascular Diseases 23
An Approach to Prevent Frailty in Community Dwelling Older Adults: a pilot study performed in Campania region in the framework of the PERSSILAA project 23
Adenoviral-mediated inhibition of G beta gamma signaling limits the hyperplastic response in experimental vein grafts. 22
Insulin modulation of an endothelial nitric oxide component present in the alfa2-and beta-adrenergic responses in human forearm 22
Beta adrenergic receptor polymorphisms and metabolic adverse events to antihypertensive beta blockade treatment 22
Association study on long-living individuals from Southern Italy identifies rs10491334 in the CAMKIV gene that regulates survival proteins. 22
Assessment of the 9p21.3 locus in severity of coronary artery disease in the presence and absence of type 2 diabetes 22
Adrenergic receptors and metabolism: role in development of cardiovascular disease. 22
Operational Definition of Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA): A Conceptual Framework 22
To NFκB or not to NFκB: The Dilemma on How to Inhibit a Cancer Cell Fate Regulator 22
Clinical Characteristics and Outcomes of Patients with COVID-19 Infection: The Results of the SARS-RAS Study of the Italian Society of Hypertension 22
Age and Multimorbidity Predict Death Among COVID-19 Patients: Results of the SARS-RAS Study of the Italian Society of Hypertension 22
Insulin modulation of beta-adrenergic vasodilation patway in human forearm 21
Working group 4 on Myocardial Function of the European Society of Cardiology 21
Il dominio RH di GRK5 regola gli eventi apoptoticinelle cellule tumorali mediante la modulazionedell’attività di NFKB 21
The mechanisms of air pollution and particulate matter in cardiovascular diseases 21
Rivaroxaban in patients with heart failure, sinus rhythm, and coronary disease 21
Insulin reduces reflex forearm sympathetic vasoconstriction in healthy humans. 20
External support modulates G protein expression and receptor coupling in experimental vein grafts. 20
Il GH prolunga la sopravvivenza in modelli sperimentali di infarto del miocardio. 20
Beta2-adrenergic receptor polymorphisms and treatment-induced regression of left ventricular hypertrophy in hypertension. 20
beta-Blockade and increased dyslipidemia in patients bearing Glu27 variant of beta2 adrenergic receptor gene. 20
Overproduction of phosphoprotein enriched in diabetes (PED) induces mesangial expansion and upregulates protein kinase C-beta activity and TGF-beta1 expression. 20
Enhanced GRK2 expression and desensitization of betaAR vasodilatation in hypertensive patients. 20
Translating Cellular Mechanisms to Therapeutic Targets 20
Decreased Insulin Secretion and Insulin Reistance in Beta 2 Adrenergic Receptor Knock-out Mice 20
Design, synthesis and efficacy of novel G protein-coupled receptor kinase 2 inhibitors 20
A Nutritional Approach to the Prevention of Cancer: from Assessment to Personalized Intervention 20
Cardiac Nonmyocyte Cell Functions and Crosstalks in Response to Cardiotoxic Drugs 20
Functional Role of Mitochondria in Arrhythmogenesis. 20
Implementing an ICT-Based Polypharmacy Management Program in Italy 20
ARIA 2016: Care pathways implementing emerging technologies for predictive medicine in rhinitis and asthma across the life cycle 20
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