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EU - Europa 1.156
NA - Nord America 1.138
AS - Asia 302
AF - Africa 22
SA - Sud America 2
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 1
Totale 2.621
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 1.119
IT - Italia 893
CN - Cina 119
VN - Vietnam 80
NL - Olanda 73
SG - Singapore 63
IE - Irlanda 47
DE - Germania 33
FI - Finlandia 28
IN - India 25
CI - Costa d'Avorio 20
CA - Canada 19
FR - Francia 19
GB - Regno Unito 19
UA - Ucraina 15
HK - Hong Kong 9
BG - Bulgaria 7
SE - Svezia 6
ES - Italia 4
RO - Romania 4
EE - Estonia 3
BE - Belgio 2
EG - Egitto 2
PH - Filippine 2
TR - Turchia 2
AR - Argentina 1
CH - Svizzera 1
CL - Cile 1
EU - Europa 1
IL - Israele 1
IR - Iran 1
MT - Malta 1
RU - Federazione Russa 1
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Chandler 238
Napoli 156
Naples 145
Ashburn 98
Dong Ket 80
Amsterdam 70
Millbury 45
Perugia 45
Beijing 44
Des Moines 38
Boston 33
Nanjing 32
Princeton 32
Singapore 32
Lawrence 25
Wilmington 17
Seattle 16
Marcianise 15
Ottawa 15
Rome 15
Somma Vesuviana 13
Dublin 11
Hebei 10
Nanchang 10
Cagliari 9
Milan 9
Hong Kong 8
Melito Di Napoli 8
Los Angeles 7
Mumbai 7
Pomigliano d'Arco 7
Pune 7
Redwood City 7
Sofia 7
Washington 7
Arzano 6
Caserta 6
Ferrara 6
Ischia 6
Pozzuoli 6
Shenyang 6
Turin 6
Changsha 5
Fairfield 5
Woodbridge 5
Ancona 4
Grosseto 4
Jacksonville 4
Palermo 4
Poggiomarino 4
Tianjin 4
Aversa 3
Bari 3
Giugliano in Campania 3
Jiaxing 3
Messina 3
Nocera Superiore 3
Pieve Emanuele 3
Portici 3
Tallinn 3
Boardman 2
Cairo 2
Calvizzano 2
Casal Di Principe 2
Catanzaro 2
Cava De' Tirreni 2
Dachau 2
Fisciano 2
Florence 2
Formia 2
Fort St. James 2
Frattamaggiore 2
Giugliano In Campania 2
Guangzhou 2
Kronberg 2
Marano di Napoli 2
Mountain View 2
Mugnano Di Napoli 2
Nürnberg 2
Orange 2
Piano Di Sorrento 2
Rende 2
San Giorgio a Cremano 2
San Giuseppe Vesuviano 2
Saviano 2
Striano 2
Ventimiglia Di Sicilia 2
Wuhan 2
Acerra 1
Acri 1
Almería 1
Auburn Hills 1
Avella 1
Bacoli 1
Barano d'Ischia 1
Benevento 1
Brussels 1
Buenos Aires 1
Caivano 1
Calabritto 1
Totale 1.494
Nome #
Butyrate Regulates Liver Mitochondrial Function, Efficiency, and Dynamics in Insulin-Resistant Obese Mice 117
Assessment of the Health Status of Mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis Along the Campania Coastal Areas: A Multidisciplinary Approach 93
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Dietary supplementation with Conjugated Linoleic Acid hinders health perturbations caused by high-fat feeding 41
Randomised Clinical Trial: Calorie Restriction Regimen with Tomato Juice Supplementation Ameliorates Oxidative Stress and Preserves a Proper Immune Surveillance Modulating Mitochondrial Bioenergetics of T-Lymphocytes in Obese Children Affected by Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) 41
The impact of mitochondrial dysfunction on metabolic and inflammatory profile in an animal model of the autism spectrum disorders (ASD) 39
The Hepatic Mitochondrial Alterations Exacerbate Meta-Inflammation in Autism Spectrum Disorders 38
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Social isolation triggers oxidative status and impairs systemic and hepatic insulin sensitivity in normoglycemic rats 14
From Obesity-Induced Low-Grade Inflammation to Lipotoxicity and Mitochondrial Dysfunction: Altered Multi-Crosstalk between Adipose Tissue and Metabolically Active Organs 12
Mitochondrial metabolism and neuroinflammation in the cerebral cortex and cortical synapses of rats: effect of milk intake through DNA methylation 11
Increased dietary intake of ultraprocessed foods and mitochondrial metabolism alterations in pediatric obesity 11
Hepatocyte Aquaporins AQP8 and AQP9 Are Engaged in the Hepatic Lipid and Glucose Metabolism Modulating the Inflammatory and Redox State in Milk-Supplemented Rats 6
Mitochondria: the gatekeepers between metabolism and immunity 5
How dietary advanced glycation end products could facilitate the occurrence of food allergy 5
A Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis in Adult Subjects: The Relationship between Phase Angle and Body Cell Mass 3
Polyhydroxyalkanoates for use in the prevention or treatment of an overweight or obesity condition, or of metabolic dysfunctions related to said condition 3
Reducing Dietary Polyunsaturated to Saturated Fatty Acids Ratio Improves Lipid and Glucose Metabolism in Obese Zucker Rats 2
Poliidrossialcanoati per l'uso nella prevenzione o nel trattamento di una condizione di sovrappeso o di obesità, ovvero di disfunzioni metaboliche correlate a tale condizione 2
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