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Serra 2
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Nome #
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Compost and microbial biostimulant applications improve plant growth and soil biological fertility of a grass-based phytostabilization system 33
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Adsorbimento competitivo di cromo (Cr), piombo (Pb) e rame (Cu) su biochar derivante da residui di potatura di frutteti 23
Influence of compost application on arsenic uptake by beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.), irrigated with arsenic-contaminated waters at four different concentrations 22
Bioactive Compounds and Antioxidant Activity of Lettuce Grown in Different Mixtures of Monogastric-Based Manure With Lunar and Martian Soils 21
Effect of particle size of drinking-water treatment residuals on the sorption of arsenic in the presence of competing ions 21
Biogeochemical processes at soil-root interface 21
Lead, chromium and copper removal by orchard pruning derived biochar from aqueous mono- and multi-contaminated systems 21
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Formation, properties and reactivity of coprecipitates and organomineral complexes in soil environments 17
Removal of metal(oid)s from contaminated water using iron-coated peat sorbent 17
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How to make the Lunar and Martian soils suitable for food production - Assessing the changes after manure addition and implications for plant growth 16
Environmental and human health risk assessment of potentially toxic elements in soil, sediments, and ore-processing wastes from a mining area of southwestern Tunisia 16
Nature, mineralogy and reactivity of aluminun-, iron(III)- and mixed iron(III)-aluminum-arsenate coprecipitates 16
Arsenite removal from contaminated waters by low-cost synthetic sorbents (Layered Double Hydroxides) 15
Influenza di due ceppi di Trichoderma (T22 & P1) sull’assimilazione di arsenico in piante di lattuga (Lactuca sativa L.) irrigate con soluzioni contaminate 14
Influenza di un compost maturo sulla crescita di piante di fagiolo, irrigate con soluzioni contaminate da arsenico e sulla mobilità del contaminante nel suolo e nella pianta 14
Mobility and phyto-availability of arsenic in soil-plant system and decontamination techniques of arsenic polluted areas. 13
Can Peat Amendment of Mars Regolith Simulant Allow Soybean Cultivation in Mars Bioregenerative Life Support Systems? 11
Effect of particles size, pH and competing anions on arsenite and arsenate sorption by Al- and Fe-based drinking-water treatment residuals 11
Effect of inorganic and organic ligands on retention-release of arsenate on low-cost sorbents 11
Proprietà e reattività di argille anioniche ottenute coprecipitando ioni magnesio, alluminio e arseniato 11
Evidence of Potential Organo-Mineral Interactions during the First Stage of Mars Terraforming 10
Effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on growth of vetiver grass (Chrysopogon zizanioides L.) and its arsenic uptake from soil and water systems 9
Fostering Mediterranean fish ensuring traceability and authenticity 7
Chemical speciation to assess bio-availability, bio-accessibility and geochemical forms of potentially toxic metals (PTMs) in polluted soils (Chapter 10). 4
Long‑term efect of municipal solid waste compost on the recovery of a potentially toxic element (PTE)‑contaminated soil: PTE mobility, distribution and bioaccessibility 4
Assessment of Fertility Dynamics and Nutritional Quality of Potato Tubers in a Compost-Amended Mars Regolith Simulant 3
Regolith as Baseline to a Future Space Farm 3
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