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Nome #
Surface Morphology, Crystallinity, and Hydrophilicity of Poly (ε‐caprolactone) Films Prepared Via Casting of Ethyl Lactate and Ethyl Acetate Solutions 169
Dispersing hydrophilic nanoparticles in hydrophobic polymers: HDPE/ZnO nanocomposites by a novel template-based approach 80
Solid particle erosion and viscoelastic properties of thermoplastic polyurethanes 63
Tailoring gas permeation and dielectric properties of bromobutyl rubber – Graphene oxide nanocomposites by inducing an ordered nanofiller microstructure 51
Thermally activated multiple self-healing diels-alder epoxy system 49
Assembly of plate-like nanoparticles in immiscible polymer blends – effect of the presence of a preferred liquid–liquid interface 45
Chitosan hydrogels embedding hyper-crosslinked polymer particles as reusable broad-spectrum adsorbents for dye removal 43
Controlling the assembly of graphene based nanosheets within a rubber matrix: Nanocomposite morphology probed by measuring gas permeation and dielectric properties 42
Optimization of dye adsorption capacity and mechanical strength of chitosan aerogels through crosslinking strategy and graphene oxide addition 39
Nanoparticle-induced co-continuity in immiscible polymer blends - A comparative study on bio-based PLA-PA11 blends filled with organoclay, sepiolite, and carbon nanotubes 38
Effectiveness of organoclays as compatibilizers for multiphase polymer blends - A sustainable route for the mechanical recycling of co-mingled plastics 37
Impact of solvents and supercritical CO 2 drying on the morphology and structure of polymer-based biofilms 36
Immobilization of natural anti-oxidants on carbon nanotubes and aging behavior of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene-based nanocomposites 35
Reinforcing mechanisms of natural fibers in green composites: Role of fibers morphology in a PLA/hemp model system 35
Light-responsive and self-healing behavior of azobenzene-based supramolecular hydrogels 33
Functionalization of aliphatic polyesthers by nitroxide radical coupling 30
Reologia di mescole elastomeriche: indigini sulle relazione fra le proprietà elongazionali e di stiro e l'insorgenza di instabilità di flusso 30
Melt state dynamics of plate-like nanoparticles in immiscible polymer blends 29
Thermo-oxidative resistant nanocomposites containing novel hybrid-nanoparticles based on natural polyphenol and carbon nanotubes 28
Interfacially-located nanoparticles anticipate the onset of co-continuity in immiscible polymer blends 28
Rheology of complex fluids with vibrating fiber-optic sensors 28
Role of polymer network and gelation kinetics on the mechanical properties and adsorption capacity of chitosan hydrogels for dye removal 27
Effect of rheology evolution of a sustainable chemical grout, sodium-silicate based, for low pressure grouting in sensitive areas: Urbanized or historical sites 27
α-Tocopherol-induced radical scavenging activity in carbon nanotubes for thermo-oxidation resistant ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene-based nanocomposites 26
Proprietà elongazionali e di stiro di mescole elastomeriche per pneumatici 26
Advanced ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene/antioxidant-functionalized carbon nanotubes nanocomposites with improved thermo-oxidative resistance 26
Interfacial crowding of nanoplatelets in co-continuous polymer blends: Assembly, elasticity and structure of the interfacial nanoparticle network 26
Effect of organoclay on morphology and properties of PLA/PA11 bio-based blends 25
Impatto di organo-clay su morfologia e proprietà di miscele polimeriche bio-based 25
Clay-filled bio-based blends of poly(lactic acid) and polyamide 11 24
Manipulating the morphology of fully bio-based polymer blends through nanoparticles – Heat resistant formulations based on poly(lactic acid) 24
Effect of organoclay on the morphology and mechanical properties of high density polyethylene/polyamide 6 blends 23
Supercritical CO2 antisolvent precipitation from biocompatible polymer solutions: A novel sustainable approach for biomaterials design and fabrication 22
Influenza di argille organomodificate su morfologia e proprietà di miscele polimeriche polietilene/poliammide 21
Impact of Nanoparticles on the Microstructure and Properties of Immiscible Polymer Blends: Preliminary Investigations 21
Drawability and melt strength properties of highly filled elastomeric compounds 20
Clustering of Coated Droplets in Clay-Filled Polymer Blends 20
Effects of nanoparticles on the morphology of immiscible polymer blends - Challenges and opportunities 20
Dynamics of Nanoparticles in Polymer Melts 19
The role of organoclay in promoting co-continuous morphology in high-density poly(ethylene)/poly(amide) 6 blends 19
Importance of the morphology and structure of the primary aggregates for the dispersibility of carbon nanotubes in polymer melts 19
Multi-functional Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane-functionalized Carbon Nanotubes for photo-oxidative stable Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene-based Nanocomposites 19
Morphology stabilization of co-continuous polymer blends through clay nanoparticles 19
Chitosan-based hydrogel for dye removal from aqueous solutions: Optimization of the preparation procedure 19
Analisi Reologica del Processo Sol-Gel di Sistemi Inorganici a Base di Silicato di Sodio 18
Effect of the Compounding Procedure on the Structure and Viscoelasticity of Polymer Nanocomposites 18
Altering the onset of cocontinuity in nanocomposite immiscible blends by acting on the melt-compounding procedure 18
Dynamics of stress bearing particle networks in poly(propylene)/alumina nanohybrids 18
Time-resolved rheology as a tool to monitor the progress of polymer degradation in the melt state – Part I: Thermal and thermo-oxidative degradation of polyamide 11 18
Polylactide (PLA) filaments a biobased solution for additive manufacturing: Correlating rheology and thermomechanical properties with printing quality 18
Chitosan/zeolite composite aerogels for a fast and effective removal of both anionic and cationic dyes from water 18
Effects of adding new low molecular weight phosphazene compounds to PBT/PA blends 17
Elasticity and structure of weak graphite nanoplatelet (GNP) networks in polymer matrices through viscoelastic analyses 17
Effect of the aggregate morphology on the dispersability of MWCNTs in polymer melts 17
A Unifying Approach for the Linear Viscoelasticity of PolymerNanocomposites 17
Mechanical performance of polylactic based formulations 17
Role of organo-modifier and metal impurities of commercial nanoclays in the photo-and thermo-oxidation of polyamide 11 nanocomposites 17
High barrier properties HDPE/PA6/MMT films - preliminary rheological and morphological studies 16
Viscoelasticità di nanocompositi modello polistirene-silica 16
Drawability and melt strength properties of higly filled elastomeric compounds 16
Linear Viscoelasticity of Polymer-Graphite Nanoplatelets(GNPs) Nanocomposites 16
Mechanical recycling of polyethylene terephtalate by blending polyolefins – Compatibilizing with organoclays 16
Heat-resistant fully-bio-based poly(lactic acid)/polyamide 11 nanocomposite blends 16
Multi-functional hindered amine light stabilizers-functionalized carbon nanotubes for advanced ultra-high molecular weight Polyethylene-based nanocomposites 16
Flexural Properties and Low-Velocity Impact Behavior of Polyamide 11/Basalt Fiber Fabric Laminates 16
Universality in elasticity and dynamics of polymer-nanoparticle systems 15
Using organoclay to promote morphology refinement and co-continuity in high-density polyethylene/polyamide 6 blends – Effect of filler content and polymer matrix composition 15
Analisi reologica del processo sol-gel di sistemi inorganici a base di silicato di sodio 15
Greener - verso nanocompositi multi-funzionali, efficienti, stabili ed eco-compatibili a base bio-plastica di interesse tecnologico tramite immobilizzazione di nanoparticelle funzionalizzate e molecole stabilizzanti 15
Time-resolved rheology as a tool to monitor the progress of polymer degradation in the melt state – Part II: Thermal and thermo-oxidative degradation of polyamide 11/organo-clay nanocomposites 15
Bio-polyamide 11 hybrid composites reinforced with basalt/flax interwoven fibers: A tough green composite for semi-structural applications 15
Impatto di nanoparticelle su microstruttura e proprietà di miscele polimeriche immiscibili 14
Role of the mobility and space distribution of nanoparticles in the rheology of polymer nanocomposites 14
Grafting of polymer chains on the surface of carbon nanotubes via nitroxide radical coupling reaction 14
Film nanocomposite polimerici 13
Rheology of poly(ethylene)-based nanocomposite films for agricultural applications 13
Reologia di nanocompositi a matrice polipropilenica 13
Effect of organoclay on the morphology and mechanical properties of high-densiti polyethylene/polyamide 6 blends 13
Preparazione e caratterizzazione di nanocompositi polimerici di rilevanza tecnologica basati su nanoparticelle sintetizzate mediante tecniche assistite da microonde 13
Viscoelasticità lineare di nanocompositi polimerici 13
Low-density polyethylene/polyamide/clay blend nanocomposites: Effect of morphology of clay on their photooxidation resistance 13
Uneven distribution of organoclay in Polyethylene polyamide blends 12
Effects of particle size and shape on PP based composite rheology: a preliminary study 12
Impatto di nanoparticelle su microstruttura e proprietà di miscele polimeriche immiscibili 12
Role of the filler dispersion in polymer nanocomposites for food packaging 12
Structure and Dynamics of Polyethylene/Clay hybrid composite Film 11
An optical technique to study the micro-rheological evolution of complex fluids 11
Effect of the Compounding Procedure on the Structure and Viscoelasticity of Polymer Nanocomposites 11
Influence of alkaline treatment on hemp fibers filled poly (lactic acid) 11
Increasing Awareness of Materials and the Environment: Hands-On Outreach Activity Presenting Water Purification Materials and Concepts 11
Effects of particle dimension and matrix viscosity on the colloidal aggregation in weakly interacting polymer-nanoparticle composites: a linear viscoelastic analysis 10
Microstructural evolutions of LDPE/PA6 blends by rheological and rheo-optical analyses: Influence of flow and compatibilizer on break-up and coalescence processes 10
Rheological aspect of PP based composites: a preliminary investigation 10
Modeling of the viscoelastic behavior of model polymer-based nanocomposite systems 10
On the viscoelasticity of weakly interacting polymer-nanoparticle model composites 10
Using matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry for the characterization of functionalized carbon nanotubes 10
Insight on mendable resin made by combining Diels-Alder epoxy adducts with DGEBA 10
Viscoelasticity and Structure of Polystyrene/Fumed Silica Nanocomposites: Filler Network and Hydrodynamic Contributions 9
Selective localization of organoclay and effect on the morphology and mechanical properties of LDPE/PA11 blends with distributed and co-continuous morphology 9
Photooxidation behaviour of OMMT-filled PE-PA blends: improvement of the photoresistence through morphology modification 9
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