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IR - Iran 5
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PT - Portogallo 2
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PK - Pakistan 1
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Livermore 3
Pagani 3
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Rotterdam 3
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Nürnberg 2
Pomigliano d'Arco 2
Portici 2
Pozzuoli 2
Rivolta D'adda 2
San Giorgio A Cremano 2
Sant'Antimo 2
Seregno 2
Somma Vesuviana 2
Taipei 2
Toronto 2
Trento 2
Totale 1896
Nome #
Introduzione ai modelli di analisi multivariata a variabili latenti. Applicazioni per l’ingegneria. 156
A comparison between wet and cryogenic drilling of CFRP/Ti stacks 68
An empirical approach to monitoring CO2 emissions via Partial Least-Squares regression 68
A comparison of advanced regression techniques for predicting ship CO2 emissions 67
Using process capability indices and plots to control and improve quality of stamping/body-in-white process in automotive industry. 58
A statistical approach to ship fuel consumption monitoring 51
ENBIS 9th Annual Conference 50
Ship fuel consumption monitoring and fault detection via partial least squares and control charts of navigation data 49
Experimental investigation on laser milling of aluminium oxide using a 30 W Q-switched Yb:YAG fiber laser 48
Experimental study of CMM probe performance according to ISO 10360-2 standard 48
Experimental methodology to evaluate the influence of touch speed and measurement strategy on probe qualification uncertainty 45
A robust calibration methodology for an On-Board Diagnostic car system 45
Case Studies on PLS-Based Procedure for Ship Fuel Consumption Monitoring and Fault Detection 44
Tensile properties characterization of AlSi10Mg parts produced by direct metal laser sintering via nested effects modeling 44
Experimental Study on Fiber Laser Microcutting of Nimonic 263 Superalloy 44
A note on decision making method for product acceptance based on process capability indices Cpk and Cpmk 44
Control charts for monitoring ship operating conditions and CO2 emissions based on scalar‐on‐function regression 44
Fuel Consumption Monitoring and Fault Detection via PLS Approach 43
Statistical approach for assessing the effect of powder reuse on the final quality of AlSi10Mg parts produced by laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing 43
A Bayesian approach for site-specific wind rose prediction 41
An Engineering Approach to Ship Fuel Consumption Monitoring Using Regression Analysis 40
Multi-response optimization of CFRP laser milling process based on response surface methodology 40
Uncertainty analysis and optimisation of a FMS by experimental design applied to simulation 39
A statistical approach to fault detection in On-Board Diagnostic system 39
Experimental study of fiber laser microdrilling of aerospace superalloy by trepanning technique 39
Analysis of profiles for monitoring of modern ship performance via partial least squares methods 39
Mechanical properties characterisation of AlSi10Mg parts produced by laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing 39
Gestione dell'affidabilità "Totale" di un sistema di trasporto: metodi globali di pianificazione e controllo 38
Employment of the fuzzy logic modelling in the quenching of steel rods for reinforced concrete after hot rolling 38
Origins, Properties, and Parameters Estimation of the Hyperbolic Reliability Model 38
Orthogonal LS-PLS approach to ship fuel-speed curves for supporting decisions based on operational data 38
A Procedure for Predicting and Controlling the Ship Fuel Consumption: Its Implementation and Test 37
Innovation via engineering and statistical knowledge integration 36
Statistics for knowledge improvement of an innovative manufacturing process and quality cost management 36
Monitoring ship performance via multi-way partial least-squares analysis of functional data 36
Analysis of resistance of spot welding process data in the automotive industry via functional clustering techniques 36
Optimum reliability level for the Lyfe Cycle Cost of an aircraft 35
Innovazione del processo di microforatura laser DOF mediante progettazione statistica degli esperimenti 35
A Bayesian control chart for monitoring the ratio of Weibull percentiles 35
Functional regression control chart – Part I 34
Functional Regression Control Chart 34
New Insights into the Decisional Use of Process Capability Indices via Hypothesis Testing 32
CO2 emissions monitoring and fault-detection based on big navigation data 30
Analisi della trasmissione della variabilità nei processi produttivi multifase 29
A statistical control of the ship fuel consumption 29
Functional regression control chart for monitoring ship CO2 emissions 29
Experimental investigation on CFRP milling by low power Q-switched Yb:YAG laser source 28
Experimental study of CMM probe performance according to ISO 10360-2 standard 27
Analysis of variation transmission: a case study in multistage machining processes 27
Predicting ships' CO2 emissions using feature-oriented methods 27
Statistical analysis of fiber laser machining of titanium alloy 26
Study of the Influences of Laser Parameters on Laser Assisted Machining Processes 26
funcharts: An R package for the real-time monitoring of multivariate functional data 26
Optimisation of customer and environmental risks for an On-Board Diagnostic car system 25
A Systematic Approach to Design of Experiments in Waterjet Machining of High Performance Ceramics 25
null 24
Functional regression control chart –Part II 24
Direct metal laser sintering of Ti-6Al-4V parts with reused powder 24
New approach to the identification of the Inverse Weibull model 23
Managing uncertainties in aero-engine combustor design 23
Statistical Engineering Challenges from Big Data in Shipping Industry 23
Statistitics for competitive advantage and technological innovation: applicative scenarios in manufacturing industry and research centres 22
Statistical Approach to Fiber Laser Microcutting of NIMONIC® C263 Superalloy Sheet Used in Effusion Cooling System of Aero Engines 22
On the use of predictive methods for ship fuel consumption analysis from massive on-board operational data 22
Multivariate Functional Data Analysis for Ship Performance Monitoring 22
Sperimentazione industriale per l'incremento di produttività di un processo di micro-foratura laser DOF: studio statistico ed interpretazione tecnologica 22
A functional data analysis approach for the monitoring of ship CO2 emissions 21
Forecasting electricity demand of individual customers via additive stacking 21
Quantifying Process Capability Indices: decision-making and graphical approach 20
A functional regression control chart for profile monitoring 20
Industrial skill advance via design of experiments: a case study of an international competition 18
Process Analysis of Water Abrasive Fine Jet Structuring of Ceramic Surfaces via Design of Experiment 18
A Statistical Framework for Monitoring, Reporting and Verification of CO2 Emissions in the Maritime Transport 18
Function-on-function regression for assessing production quality in industrial manufacturing 18
Functional control charts for monitoring ship operating conditions and CO2 emissions based on scalar-on-function linear model 17
On the statistical design of parameters for variables sampling plans based on process capability index Cpk 17
Predicting CO2 Emissions from Maritime Transport with Feature-Oriented Methods 16
Normalized Ship Fuel-Speed Curve for Monitoring CO₂ Emissions by Multi-Sensor System Data 16
The performance of semi-empirical Bayesian control charts for monitoring Weibull data 16
Additive stacking for disaggregate electricity demand forecasting 16
Adaptive smoothing spline estimator for the function-on-function linear regression model 16
Process improvement using designed experiments: a case study in an aerospace manufacturing company 15
Valutazione previsionale del Costo del Ciclo di Vita di un sistema di trasporto 15
Functional control charts based on scalar-on-function linear model 15
Neural Network for statistical process control of a multiple stream process with an application to HVAC systems in passenger rail vehicles 15
Valutazione del livello di affidabilità "ottimo" per il Costo del Ciclo di Vita di un aereo 14
Functional clustering methods for resistance spot welding process data in the automotive industry 14
Origini tecnologiche, proprietà e stimatori dei parametri del modello di affidabilità Iperbolico 13
Statistical engineering approach to additive manufacturing via functional data analysis 13
Functional Regression Control Chart With Application To Ship CO2 Emission Monitoring 13
Technological Scenarios of Variation Transmission in Multistage Machining Processes 12
Run-length performance estimation of the functional regression control chart 12
Generalized additive models for ensemble electricity demand forecasting 12
Statistical process control of multivariate functional data in R 10
A systematic approach to process improvement via Design of Experiments: a case study in tack-welding process 10
Sparse and smooth cluster analysis of functional data 10
Robust Control Charts for Multivariate Functional Data 8
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