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Promoting innovation in Geoscience education: the experience of Geology Courses of the University of Perugia 14
Combining machine learning techniques, microanalyses and large geochemical datasets for tephrochronological studies in complex volcanic areas: New age constraints for the Pleistocene magmatism of central Italy 12
High-temperature apparatus for chaotic mixing of natural silicate melts 9
Decrypting Magma Mixing in Igneous Systems 9
Interdiffusion of major elements at 1 atmosphere between natural shoshonitic and rhyolitic melts 9
Dynamics and time evolution of a shallow plumbing system: The 1739 and 1888–90 eruptions, Vulcano Island, Italy 8
Magmatic Processes at Euganean Hills (Veneto Volcanic Province, Italy): Clinopyroxene Investigation to Unravel Magmatic Interactions 7
Assimilation of rhyolitic magma by basaltic recharge in the Bruneau-Jarbidge eruptive center, Snake River Plain (USA) 7
The Grizzly Lake complex (Yellowstone Volcano, USA): Mixing between basalt and rhyolite unraveled by microanalysis and X-ray microtomography 6
Eruption dynamics of the 22-23 April 2015 Calbuco Volcano (Southern Chile): Analyses of tephra fall deposits 6
Magma mixing enhanced by bubble segregation 6
Experimental magma mixing between rhyolitic and basaltic melts: implications for the Bruneau-Jarbidge magmatism, Snake River Plain (USA) 6
Enhancement of eruption explosivity by heterogeneous bubble nucleation triggered by magma mingling 6
Rheological evolution of eruptible Basaltic-Andesite Magmas under dynamic conditions: The importance of plagioclase growth rates 5
Calibrating Carbonization Temperatures of Wood Fragments Embedded within Pyroclastic Density Currents through Raman Spectroscopy 5
Approximate chemical analysis of volcanic glasses using Raman spectroscopy 5
The nyerereite crystal structure: a possible messenger from the deep Earth 5
Elemental imaging and petro-volcanological applications of an improved laser ablation inductively coupled quadrupole plasma mass spectrometry 5
An experimental device for characterizing degassing processes and related elastic fingerprints: Analog volcano seismo-acoustic observations 5
Degassing behaviour at basaltic volcanoes: New insights from experimental investigations of different conduit geometry and magma viscosity 5
Magma Mixing: History and Dynamics of an Eruption Trigger 5
Syneruptive sequential fragmentation of pyroclasts from fractal modeling of grain size distributions of fall deposits: the Cretaio Tephra eruption (Ischia Island, Italy) 4
Interactions Between Rhyolitic and Basaltic Melts Unraveled by Chaotic Mixing Experiments 4
Diffusive exchange of trace elements between alkaline melts: Implications for element fractionation and timescale estimations during magma mixing 3
Time evolution of chemical exchanges during mixing of rhyolitic and basaltic melts 3
Pre-eruptive conditions and triggering mechanism of the ~ 16 ka Santa Bárbara explosive eruption of Sete Cidades Volcano (São Miguel, Azores) 3
Clustering of Experimental Seismo-Acoustic Events Using Self-Organizing Map (SOM) 3
Pre-eruptive Conditions of the 3 March 2015 Lava Fountain of Villarrica Volcano (Southern Andes) 3
Volcanic ash aggregation enhanced by seawater interaction: the case of Secche di Lazzaro phreatomagmatic deposit (Stromboli) 3
Water-enhanced interdiffusion of major elements between natural shoshonite and high-K rhyolite melts 3
Retrieving magma composition from TIR spectra: implications for terrestrial planets investigations 3
Gas mobility in rheologically-layered volcanic conduits: The role of decompression rate and crystal content on the ascent dynamics of magmas 3
Rifting and recharge as triggers of the mixed basalt rhyolite Halarauor ignimbrite eruption (Krafla, Iceland) 3
Experimental constraints on the rheology, eruption and emplacement dynamics of analog lavas comparable to Mercury's northern volcanic plains 2
Quantifying magma mixing with the Shannon entropy: application to simulations and experiments 2
Role of magma mixing in the pre-eruptive dynamics of the Aeolian Islands volcanoes (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy) 2
Seismo-acoustic gliding: An experimental study 2
Exponential decay of concentration variance during magma mixing: Robustness of a volcanic chronometer and implications for the homogenization of chemical heterogeneities in magmatic systems 2
Centennial-scale eruptive diversity at Volcán Calbuco (41.3°S; Northwest Patagonia) deduced from historic tephra cover-bed and dendrochronologic archives 2
The unexpected explosive sub-Plinian eruption of Calbuco volcano (22–23 April 2015; southern Chile): Triggering mechanism implications 1
Pyroclastic deposits and eruptive heterogeneity of Volcán Antuco (37°S; Southern Andes) during the Mid to Late Holocene (<7.2 ka) 1
Tephra From the 3 March 2015 Sustained Column Related to Explosive Lava Fountain Activity at Volcán Villarrica (Chile) 1
Morphochemistry of patterns produced by mixing of rhyolitic and basaltic melts 1
The Origin of Rhyolitic Magmas at Krafla Central Volcano (Iceland) 1
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