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EU - Europa 2639
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AS - Asia 1269
SA - Sud America 53
OC - Oceania 50
AF - Africa 37
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 9
Totale 5509
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 1336
DE - Germania 965
IT - Italia 628
CN - Cina 513
VN - Vietnam 254
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 170
GB - Regno Unito 153
RU - Federazione Russa 145
IN - India 119
KR - Corea 100
FR - Francia 89
CA - Canada 80
JP - Giappone 74
IE - Irlanda 67
NL - Olanda 66
UA - Ucraina 50
AU - Australia 44
RO - Romania 35
ID - Indonesia 32
PL - Polonia 32
TW - Taiwan 32
ES - Italia 28
DK - Danimarca 27
SE - Svezia 26
BR - Brasile 25
MX - Messico 23
TH - Thailandia 20
TR - Turchia 20
IR - Iran 19
AT - Austria 17
BE - Belgio 17
GR - Grecia 17
NO - Norvegia 17
HK - Hong Kong 16
IL - Israele 15
HU - Ungheria 13
FI - Finlandia 12
MY - Malesia 12
AR - Argentina 11
EG - Egitto 11
CH - Svizzera 10
A1 - ???statistics.table.value.countryCode.A1??? 9
CL - Cile 9
SK - Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca) 9
ZA - Sudafrica 9
PK - Pakistan 8
PT - Portogallo 8
BG - Bulgaria 6
HR - Croazia 6
PH - Filippine 6
CU - Cuba 5
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 5
SG - Singapore 5
EC - Ecuador 4
MT - Malta 4
NG - Nigeria 4
BD - Bangladesh 3
BY - Bielorussia 3
DZ - Algeria 3
EE - Estonia 3
IQ - Iraq 3
LV - Lettonia 3
MK - Macedonia 3
PR - Porto Rico 3
RS - Serbia 3
SA - Arabia Saudita 3
SC - Seychelles 3
SI - Slovenia 3
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 2
AM - Armenia 2
GH - Ghana 2
JM - Giamaica 2
LK - Sri Lanka 2
SZ - Regno dello Swaziland 2
VA - Santa Sede (Città del Vaticano) 2
AZ - Azerbaigian 1
BB - Barbados 1
BO - Bolivia 1
BZ - Belize 1
CO - Colombia 1
CR - Costa Rica 1
CY - Cipro 1
GE - Georgia 1
GU - Guam 1
IS - Islanda 1
KE - Kenya 1
KH - Cambogia 1
KW - Kuwait 1
LT - Lituania 1
MM - Myanmar 1
NA - Namibia 1
NP - Nepal 1
OM - Oman 1
PE - Perù 1
QA - Qatar 1
RE - Reunion 1
UY - Uruguay 1
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Dong Ket 243
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Houston 143
Wuhan 108
Napoli 98
Nürnberg 87
Ann Arbor 85
Wilmington 80
Buffalo 45
Leawood 45
Rancho Cordova 39
Woodbridge 38
Hangzhou 34
Shenyang 34
Seoul 29
Guangzhou 28
Nanjing 28
Centro 24
Dearborn 24
Ashburn 23
Rome 23
Taipei 23
Tokyo 22
Milan 20
Henderson 18
Ottawa 18
Seattle 18
Los Angeles 17
University Park 17
Shanghai 16
Cambridge 15
Mcallen 14
Munich 13
New York 13
Duncan 12
New Delhi 12
Chengdu 11
Chicago 11
Delhi 11
Montréal 11
Paris 11
Auburn 10
Hanoi 10
Lishui 10
Mountain View 10
Brunssum 9
Buenos Aires 9
Costa Mesa 9
London 9
Fairfield 8
Granger 8
Jakarta 8
Mumbai 8
Union 8
Wroclaw 8
Bologna 7
Central District 7
Jinan 7
Khon Kaen 7
Kingston 7
Naples 7
San Diego 7
Uxbridge 7
Verona 7
Vertova 7
Barcelona 6
Council Bluffs 6
Liberec 6
Omaha 6
Parsippany 6
Philadelphia 6
Phoenix 6
Saint Paul 6
Saratov 6
Simi Valley 6
Tehran 6
Toronto 6
Verdun 6
Albany 5
Bergen 5
Berlin 5
Carmine 5
Caserta 5
Chandigarh 5
Cleveland 5
Coimbatore 5
Dublin 5
Fleming Island 5
Florence 5
Groningen 5
Hefei 5
Islamabad 5
La Habana 5
Lake Forest 5
Lanzhou 5
Nanchang 5
Oxnard 5
Rogers 5
San Jose 5
Santiago 5
Totale 2086
Nome #
A new anti-infective strategy to reduce the spreading of antibiotic resistance by the action on adhesion-mediated virulence factors in Staphylococcus aureus., file e268a72d-8cc7-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 421
Identification of major Toxoneuron nigriceps venom proteins using an integrated transcriptomic/proteomic approach., file e268a72d-8a6e-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 325
Deamidation at Asparagine and Glutamine As a Major Modification upon Deterioration/Aging of Proteinaceous Binders in MuralPaintings, file e268a72c-cd19-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 272
Divergent behavior of hydrogen sulfide pools and of the sulfur metabolite lanthionine, a novel uremic toxin, in dialysis patients., file e268a72d-915d-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 228
Puzzle of protein complexes in vivo: a present and future challenge for functional proteomics., file e268a72e-88bc-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 169
Protease treatment affects both invasion ability and biofilm formation in Listeria monocytogenes, file e268a72e-8824-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 168
Proteomic strategies for cultural heritage: From bones to paintings, file e268a72d-8f2e-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 156
Spectroscopic investigation of auranofin binding to zinc finger HIV-2 nucleocapsid peptides, file e268a72e-731f-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 151
Multiple Reaction Monitoring Tandem Mass Spectrometry Approach for the Identification of Biological Fluids at Crime Scene Investigations., file e268a72f-ab3e-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 138
HDAC6 mediates the acetylation of TRIM50, file e268a72d-8a81-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 132
Hb Cardarelli [beta86(F2)Ala-->Pro]: a new unstable and hyperaffine variant in association with beta(+)-thalassemia, file e268a72e-8c42-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 131
The molecular chaperone Hsp90 is a component of the cap-binding complex and interacts with the translational repressor Cup during Drosophila oogenesis, file e268a72e-9411-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 131
New perspectives in cancer: Modulation of lipid metabolism and inflammation resolution, file e268a72f-c7dd-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 126
Phosphorylation-regulated degradation of the tumor-suppressor form of PED by chaperone-mediated autophagy in lung cancer cells, file e268a72d-8a7f-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 122
Molecular and Functional Analysis of the Large 5' Promoter Region of CFTR Gene Revealed Pathogenic Mutations in CF and CFTR-Related Disorders., file e268a72d-8cd3-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 120
Venomics of the ectoparasitoid wasp Bracon nigricans, file e268a731-1d1c-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 97
S-Glutathionylation at Cys328 and Cys542 Impairs STAT3 Phosphorylation., file e268a72d-8faf-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 90
Protein conformational perturbations in hereditary amyloidosis: Differential impact of single point mutations in ApoAI amyloidogenic variants, file e268a72d-72e1-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 89
Pancreatic cancer-associated diabetes mellitus: an open field for proteomic applications., file e268a72e-9184-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 87
cis-acting sequences and trans-acting factors in the localization of mRNA for mitochondrial ribosomal proteins, file e268a72d-f225-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 81
Structure and Function of the Long Pentraxin PTX3 Glycosidic Moiety: Fine-Tuning of the Interaction with C1q and Complement Activation, file e268a72f-c014-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 80
Xanthomonas campestris lipooligosaccharides trigger innate immunity and oxidative burst in Arabidopsis., file e268a72d-6bd7-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 77
The N-terminus of the fragile X mental retardation protein contains a novel domain involved in dimerization and RNA binding., file e268a72e-8246-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 75
TRIM8-driven transcriptomic profile of neural stem cells identified glioma-related nodal genes and pathways, file e268a72f-f885-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 69
Heat-Induced Brain Vitrification from the Vesuvius Eruption in c.e. 79., file e268a731-1f10-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 69
Direct interactions among Ret, GDNF and GFRalpha1 molecules reveal new insights into the assembly of a functional three-protein complex., file e268a72e-8cb6-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 64
In HspA from Helicobacter pylori vicinal disulfide bridges are a key determinant of domain B structure, file e268a72e-901a-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 62
A new hexapeptide from the leader peptide of rMnSOD enters cells through the oestrogen receptor to deliver therapeutic molecules, file e268a72d-72e3-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 60
Lysine 58-cleaved beta2-microglobulin is not detectable by 2D electrophoresis in ex vivo amyloid fibrils of two patients affected by dialysis-related amyloidosis., file e268a72e-8860-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 59
Comparison of the action of different proteases on virulence properties related to the staphylococcal surface., file e268a72d-8af4-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 57
Proteome analysis of human amniotic mesenchymal stem cells (hA-MSCs) reveals impaired antioxidant ability, cytoskeleton and metabolic functionality in maternal obesity., file e268a72d-9390-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 57
Innate immunity probed by lipopolysaccharides affinity strategy and proteomics., file e268a72d-8cce-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 55
Purification and characterization of a small (7.3 kDa) putative lipid transfer protein from maize seeds., file e268a72e-81d6-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 55
Indole-3-acetic acid improves Escherichia coli's defences to stress., file e268a72e-8e92-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 55
New insights on the functional role of URG7 in the cellular response to ER stress., file e268a72f-b838-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 52
Biophysical and biochemical characterization of a liposarcoma-derived recombinant MnSOD protein acting as an anticancer agent, file e268a72e-8827-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 50
Regulating levels of the neuromodulator D-serine in human brain: structural insight into pLG72 and D-amino acid oxidase interaction, file e268a72d-8a6c-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 48
Pancreatic cancer-derived S-100A8 N-terminal peptide: a diabetes cause?, file e268a72e-8d57-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 47
The side chain of glutamine 13 is the acyl-donor amino acid modified by type 2 transglutaminase in subunit T of the native rabbit skeletal muscle troponin complex., file e268a72d-91e2-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 41
Hb J-Cape Town [alpha92(FG4)Arg-->Gln (alpha1), CGG-->CAG] in Southern Italy found in a patient with erythrocytosis., file e268a72e-8afa-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 41
The peculiar structural features of kiwi fruit pectin methylesterase: amino acid sequence, oligosaccharides structure, and modeling of the interaction with its natural proteinaceous inhibitor, file e268a72e-88b1-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 39
Functional proteomics., file e268a72e-8e4e-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 39
Slow folding of three-fingered toxins is associated with the accumulation of native disulfide-bonded intermediates., file e268a72e-8283-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 37
The E3-Ubiquitin Ligase TRIM50 Interacts with HDAC6 and p62, and Promotes the Sequestration and Clearance of Ubiquitinated Proteins into the Aggresome., file e268a72e-88bd-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 37
Conformational analysis of HAMLET, the folding variant of human {alpha}-lactalbumin associated with apoptosis, file e268a72e-8c1d-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 34
Proteomics of beta2-microglobulin amyloid fibrils., file e268a72e-8e4d-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 34
Tuber borchii fruit body: 2-dimensional profile and protein identification, file e268a72e-85a5-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 33
The role of copper(ii) in the aggregation of human amylin, file e268a72d-677f-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 32
Hb Vila Real [beta36(C2)Pro®His] in Italy: characterization of the amino acid substitution and the DNA mutation, file e268a72e-7d79-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 32
Identification of p38 MAPK and JNK as new targets for correction of Wilson disease-causing ATP7B mutants., file e268a730-584a-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 32
Structural characterization and biological properties of human gastrokine 1., file e268a72d-926a-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 29
PRUNE is crucial for normal brain development and mutated in microcephaly with neurodevelopmental impairment, file e268a72e-731d-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 29
Quantitative determination of free D-Asp, L-Asp and N-methyl-D-aspartate in mouse brain tissues by chiral separation and Multiple Reaction Monitoring tandem mass spectrometry, file e268a72e-bcb1-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 28
The centrosomal OFD1 protein interacts with the translation machinery and regulates the synthesis of specific targets., file e268a72e-7743-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 27
Assignment of disulphide bridges in Par j 2.0101, a major allergen of Parietaria judaica pollen., file e268a72e-7df6-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 27
Thermal stability and aggregation of sulfolobus solfataricus b-glycosidase are dependent upon the N-e-methylation of specific lysyl residues: critical role of in vivo post-translational modifications., file e268a72e-853d-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 27
Multistep, sequential control of the trafficking and function of the multiple sulfatase deficiency gene product, SUMF1 by PDI, ERGIC-53 and ERp44., file e268a72c-ccab-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 26
Vesicular and non-vesicular transport feed distinct glycosylation pathways in the Golgi., file e268a72d-8ccd-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 26
Hexafluoroisopropanol and acid destabilized forms of apomyoglobin exhibit structural differences, file e268a72e-80fd-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 26
Conformational analysis of putative regulatory subunit D of the toluene/o-xylene-monooxygenase complex from Pseudomonas stutzeri OX1., file e268a72e-7d74-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 25
The mitochondrial Italian Human Proteome Project initiative (mt-HPP)., file e268a72d-8c5c-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 24
A nucleotide insertion and frameshift cause albumin Kénitra, an extended and O-glycosylated mutant of human serum albumin with two additional disulfide bridges, file e268a72e-7ef7-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 24
Deglycosylation Step to Improve the Identification of Egg Proteins in Art Samples, file e268a72d-6ad4-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 23
W-F substitutions in apomyoglobin increase the local flexibility of the N-terminal region causing amyloid aggregation: A H/D exchange study., file e268a72d-8af3-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 23
A novel pathogenic BRCA1 splicing variant produces partial intron retention in the mature messenger RNA, file e268a72e-8340-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 23
Topological investigation of amyloid fibrils obtained from beta2-microglobulin., file e268a72e-7721-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 22
The complex CBX7-PRMT1 has a critical role in regulating E-cadherin gene expression and cell migration, file e268a730-469b-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 22
Expression and purification of the recombinant subunits of toluene/o-xylene monooxygenase and reconstitution of the active complex., file e268a72e-804d-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 21
Indole-3-acetic acid regulates the central metabolic pathways in Escherichia coli., file e268a72e-873d-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 21
Interaction Proteomics, file e268a72e-8e50-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 21
Genome-wide mapping of 8-oxo-7,8-dihydro-2'-deoxyguanosine reveals accumulation of oxidatively-generated damage at DNA replication origins within transcribed long genes of mammalian cells, file e268a730-5b19-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 21
A hypothesis of sudden body fluid vaporization in the 79 AD victims of Vesuvius., file e268a730-f74c-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 21
Limited proteolysis in the investigation of beta2-microglobulin amyloidogenic and fibrillar states., file e268a72e-8b7f-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 20
Bidimensional Tandem Mass Spectrometry for Selective Identification of Nitration Sites in Proteins., file e268a72c-be13-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 19
The multifunctional polydnavirus TnBVANK1 protein: impact on host apoptotic pathway, file e268a72e-cfaf-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 18
Molecular basis of phospholipase A2 inhibition by petrosaspongiolide M., file e268a72e-7efc-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 17
Intermolecular disulfide bond influences unphosphorylated STAT3 dimerization and function, file e268a72e-826a-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 17
Partial purification and MALDI-TOF MS analysis of UN1, a tumor antigen membrane glycoprotein., file e268a72e-919d-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 17
The TRAPP complex mediates secretion arrest induced by stress granule assembly, file e268a731-28c9-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 17
Role of GALNT2 in the modulation of ENPP1 expression, insulin signaling and action: GALNT2: A novel modulator of insulin signaling, file e268a72d-9265-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 16
Structural characterization of the M* partly folded intermediate of wild-type and P138A EcAspAT, file e268a72e-7928-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 15
Formyl Peptide Receptor 1 Suppresses Gastric Cancer Angiogenesis and Growth by Exploiting Inflammation Resolution Pathways, file e268a731-32a6-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 15
CysMap and CysJoin: Database and tools for protein disulphide localization, file e268a72e-84c8-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 14
Tubulin nitration in human gliomas, file e268a72e-87d4-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 14
The regions of the sequence most exposed to the solvent within the amyloidogenic state of a protein initiate the aggregation process., file e268a72e-8c1c-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 12
Evolution of an insect immune barrier through horizontal gene transfer mediated by a parasitic wasp., file e268a730-5241-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 12
Hb Vanvitelli: A new unstable α-globin chain variant causes undiagnosed chronic haemolytic anaemia when co-inherited with deletion − α3.7, file e268a730-b339-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 12
Description of the topographical changes associated to the different stages of the DsbA catalytic cycle., file e268a72e-76f6-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 10
The effect of prime-site occupancy on the hepatitis C virus NS3 protease structure., file e268a72e-7d80-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 10
Hierarchical formation of disulphide bonds in the immunoglobulin Fc-Fragment is assisted by Protein Disulphide Isomerase, file e268a72e-85c6-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 10
Identification of proteinaceous binders in paintings: A targeted proteomic approach for cultural heritage, file e268a730-a84c-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 10
Serratiopeptidase: a well-known metalloprotease with a new non-proteolytic activity against S. aureus biofilm, file e268a72c-fc6a-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 9
The gene of an archaeal alpha-L-fucosidase is expressed by translational frameshifting., file e268a72e-8e95-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 9
Ultra-rapid glutathionylation of ribonuclease: Is this the real incipit of its oxidative folding?, file e268a730-e96e-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 9
Proteolytic cleavage of Ser52Pro variant transthyretin triggers its amyloid fibrillogenesis, file e268a72d-8c4a-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 8
Structural and biochemical characterization of a new type of lectin isolated from carp eggs., file e268a72e-78b1-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 8
A rapid and selective mass spectrometric method for the identification of nitrated proteins., file e268a72e-8822-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 8
A bioinformatic study of antimicrobial peptides identified in the Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Hermetia illucens (Diptera: Stratiomyidae)., file e268a732-5178-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 8
A novel zinc finger transcriptional repressor, ZNF224, interacts with the negative regulatory element (AldA-NRE) and inhibits gene expression, file e268a72e-7979-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 7
Exploring the mechanism of formation of native-like and precursor amyloid oligomers for the native acylphosphatase from Sulfolobus solfataricus, file e268a72e-926a-4c8f-e053-1705fe0a812c 7
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