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Nonlinearly Loaded Antennas 1-gen-1980 Franceschetti, G.; Pinto, I. M.
Metallic waveguide systems for collecting, directing, and shaping 3 kw laser beams 1-gen-1981 Crescenzi, F.; Gay, P.; Cutolo, A.; Pinto, I.; Solimeno, and S.
Recursive Differential Equations of the Raman-Nath Type: a General Review 1-gen-1984 Dattoli, G.; Richetta, M.; Pinto, I. M.
On the origin of r^{-1}log r Terms in PPN Expansions of the Gravitational Fields from Insular systems 1-gen-1984 Cuomo, D.; Franceschetti, G.; Panariello, G.; Pinto, I. M.; Recano, F.
Cell Membrane Nonlinear Response to Applied EM Field 1-gen-1984 Giorgio, Franceschetti; Pinto, I. M.
Harmonic Radar Cross Section of Bistatic Nonlinear Responder 1-gen-1984 Bucci, O. M.; De Bonitatibus, A.; Pinto, I. M.
Nonlinear Propagation and Scattering: Analytic Solution and Symbolic Code Implementation 1-gen-1985 Franceschetti, G.; Pinto, I. M.
“Volterra Series Route to post-Maxwellian Electrodynamics: EM Resonator Detectors of Gravitational Waves” 1-gen-1986 Biscari, C.; Cuomo, D.; Franceschetti, G.; Panariello, G.; Petracca, S.; Pinto, I. M.; Rotoli, G.
An Information Theoretic Description of EM Fields in Complex Environments 1-gen-1987 Corona, P.; Cuomo, D.; Pinto, I. M.
"Response of Nonlinear Cell Membrane to Noisy EM Fields" 1-gen-1987 Bisceglia, B.; Franceschetti, G.; Pinto, I. M.; Scarfi, M. R.
Analytic Tools for Solving Nonlinear Problems in Particle Accelerators: a Review and an Example 1-gen-1987 Petracca, S.; Pinto, I. M.
Gravitational Waves from Eccentrical Binaries: a Preliminary Census 1-gen-1988 Barone, F.; Milano, L.; Pinto, I. M.; Recano, F.
Electromagnetic Generation and Detection of Gravitational Waves: a Review 1-gen-1988 Cuomo, D.; Francesschetti, G.; Panariello, G.; Pinto, I. M.; Petracca, S.; Amata, S.; Rotoli, G.
“Inverse Scattering Technique for Resonator Alignment: Dependence of the Accuracy on the Finesse and Mirror Alignment” 1-gen-1989 Solimeno, S.; Barone, F.; Di Fiore, L.; Milano, L.; Pinto, I. M.
“Gravitational Wave Spectra from a Sample of Binary Stars and Pulsars” 1-gen-1989 Barone, F.; Milano, L.; Russo, G.; Pinto, I. M.
“Laboratory Generation of Gravitational Waves?” 1-gen-1989 Pinto, I. M.; Rotoli, G.
The Virgo Project: wide Band Antenna for Gravitational Wave Detection 1-gen-1990 Barone, F.; DI FIORE, L.; Milano, L.; Russo, Guido; Pinto, Innocenzo
A Flexible Simulation Code for the Microwave Curing of Polymers 1-gen-1993 Acierno, D.; Masi, P.; Pierro, V.; Pinto, I. M.
ERRATUM: Radiation-pressure induced chaos in multipendular Fabry-Perot resonators (Physics Letters A 185 (1994) 14) 1-gen-1994 Pierro, V.; Pinto, I. M.
Gravitational-wave chirps: Accumulating phase errors due to residual orbital eccentricity 1-gen-1996 Pierro, V.; Pinto, I. M.
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