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Continente #
NA - Nord America 2071
EU - Europa 1472
AS - Asia 339
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 7
AF - Africa 3
SA - Sud America 3
Totale 3895
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 2006
IT - Italia 655
CN - Cina 318
UA - Ucraina 243
IE - Irlanda 157
FI - Finlandia 138
SE - Svezia 94
DE - Germania 87
CA - Canada 64
GB - Regno Unito 50
RU - Federazione Russa 12
VN - Vietnam 12
GR - Grecia 8
PL - Polonia 8
EU - Europa 6
FR - Francia 6
NO - Norvegia 4
RO - Romania 4
IN - India 3
DK - Danimarca 2
EC - Ecuador 2
ES - Italia 2
IR - Iran 2
AP - ???statistics.table.value.countryCode.AP??? 1
BO - Bolivia 1
HR - Croazia 1
IL - Israele 1
KR - Corea 1
MA - Marocco 1
MX - Messico 1
NG - Nigeria 1
PK - Pakistan 1
PT - Portogallo 1
SC - Seychelles 1
TH - Thailandia 1
Totale 3895
Città #
Chandler 555
Jacksonville 271
Napoli 183
Millbury 169
Princeton 151
Boston 115
Nanjing 111
Wilmington 86
Woodbridge 86
Des Moines 68
Ottawa 58
Houston 53
Beijing 44
Nanchang 37
Lawrence 36
Ann Arbor 30
Shenyang 24
Norwalk 21
Changsha 18
Naples 16
Redwood City 16
Hebei 15
Boardman 14
Fairfield 14
Jiaxing 14
Tianjin 13
Dong Ket 12
Milan 11
Rome 11
Falls Church 9
Orange 9
Sheffield 9
Ashburn 8
Salerno 8
Avellino 7
Kunming 7
Indiana 6
Shanghai 6
Torino 6
Toronto 6
Villaricca 6
Ceppaloni 5
Genova 5
Guangzhou 5
Hangzhou 5
New York 5
Airola 4
Altamura 4
Ladispoli 4
Lublin 4
Moscow 4
San Francisco 4
Trondheim 4
Berlin 3
Cagliari 3
Casal Di Principe 3
Castellammare Di Stabia 3
Centro 3
Giussano 3
Magdeburg 3
Maletto 3
Minneapolis 3
Nola 3
Piacenza 3
Portsmouth 3
San Martino Valle Caudina 3
Serra 3
Shenzhen 3
Benevento 2
Bergamo 2
Brescia 2
Cittadella 2
Dallas 2
Frattamaggiore 2
Fremont 2
Giugliano In Campania 2
Karlsruhe 2
Lanzhou 2
Madrid 2
Mazzano Romano 2
Mercogliano 2
Mondragone 2
Montescaglioso 2
Mountain View 2
Pignone 2
Piraeus 2
Pontecagnano 2
Pordenone 2
Pátra 2
Quito 2
San Donato Milanese 2
Santa Maria Capua Vetere 2
Swidnik 2
Torre Annunziata 2
Torre Del Greco 2
Walnut 2
Zhengzhou 2
Zielona Góra 2
Agropoli 1
Amaliada 1
Totale 2499
Nome #
Analytical approach for the optimal design of combined energy storage devices in ship power system 66
A Probabilistic Approach for the Optimal Sizing of Storage Devices to Increase the Penetration of Plug-in Electric Vehicles in Direct Current Networks 52
Two-phase controlled compensator for alternating current quality improvement of electrified railway systems 50
Two-phase high-performance control of a reliable stand-alone induction generator 45
Algorithm for Automatic Generation of Fuzzy Rules applied to power system controllers 43
Phasor Dynamics Influence on Electric Power System Performances 41
A PV AC-module based on coupled-inductors boost DC/AC converter 41
L'Approccio Bayesiano negli studi di Affidabilità dei Sistemi Elettrici per l'Energia 40
A Novel Approach to Design Cathodic Protection System for High-Voltage Transmission Cables 40
Analisi e stima Bayesiana dell’ affidabilità di sistemi ad elevata innovazione tecnologica, con applicazione ai veicoli ibridi 39
Accelerated life tests of complete lithium-ion battery systems for Battery Life Statistics assessment 38
On the assessment of roll damping for a damaged ferry 38
Energy Planning with Air Pollution Constraints 37
Analytical Evaluation and Robustness Analysis of Power System Transient Stability Probability 37
A fast method for dynamic security dispatch 37
A sustainable electrical interface to mitigate emissions due to power supply in ports 37
Lifetime characterization via lognormal distribution of transformers in smart grids: design optimization 37
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Reliability Design Under Uncertain Conditions 36
Voltage Stability Analysis In Unbalanced Power Systems By Optimal Power Flow 36
Design and control of an advanced PV inverter 36
Sizing energy storage systems in DC networks: A general methodology based upon power losses minimization 36
Design and control of coupled inductor DC–DC converters for MVDC ship power systems 36
Optimal Reliability Allocation Under Uncertain Conditions, with Application to Hybrid Electric Vehicle Design 35
Negative Log-Gamma Distribution for Data Uncertainty Modelling in Reliability Analysis of Complex Systems: Methodology and Robustness 35
Transient Stability Probability Assessment and Statistical Estimation 35
An Optimized HT-Based Method for the Analysis of Inter-Area Oscillations on Electrical Systems 34
Analisi del rischio nel progetto dei sistemi elettrici in presenza di incertezza nei dati 33
Bayes assessment of photovoltaic inverter system reliability and availability 33
The GREAT project: an industrial facility becoming an open laboratory for innovative, smart grid technologies 33
Control of a Fault-Tolerant Photovoltaic Energy Converter in Island Operation 33
An Optimal Control Strategy for Power Quality Enhancement in a Competitive Environment 32
Transient Stability Evaluation of Multimachine Power Systems: A Probabilistic Approach Based Upon the Extended Equal Area Criterion 32
Probabilistic Approach to Transient Stability Evaluation of Electrical Power Systems 32
Non linear optimal control of braking resistors for power stability improvement 32
On Some Spectrum Estimation Methods for Analysis of Non-stationary Signals in Power Systems Part I: Theoretical Aspects 31
Optimal reclosure time for improving power-system dynamic behaviour 31
Probabilistic on-line transient stability analysis 30
FACTS Controller for stability improvement of electrical Power Systems: A Fuzzy Approach 30
Advanced Statcom Control for Stand Alone Induction Generator Power Sources 30
An analytical solution for optimal design of stationary Lithium-ion capacitor storage device in light electrical transportation networks 30
A comparison among various optimization control strategies for DC electrified transportation systems 29
Availability analysis of photovoltaic inverters in presence of uncertain data via Bayesian approach 29
Analytical description of overhead transmission lines loadability 29
Probabilistic Approach to Series Compensation Design 28
An optimization method for evaluating the region of asymptotic attraction for electric power systems 28
Technical comparison among different solutions for overhead power transmission lines 28
Statistical Problems in Design of Single-tuned Shunt Filters 28
A new identification method for non-linear roll resonance in irregular waves 28
Centralized Control of Dispersed Generators Providing Ancillary Services in Distribution Networks Part I: Theoretical Aspects 27
Accurate Design of Controllers in a Parallel Single-Phase Inverter System of Distributed Generators Sharing Linear and Non-Linear Loads 27
Main issues with the design of batteries to power full electric water busses 27
Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage Control Strategy for Power System Stability Improvement 25
On Some Spectrum Estimation Methods for Analysis of Non-stationary Signals in Power Systems Part II: Numerical Applications 25
Reactive control in a deregulated environment with static Var compensators improving voltage stability 25
Indices for the characterisation of bursts of short-duration waveform distortion. 25
Wayside ultracapacitors storage design for light transportation systems: A multiobjective optimization approach 25
An advanced system for power supply and power quality improvement of isolated AC passive network 25
A tool for smart grid representation in presence of RES: an application to state estimation problem 25
Technical-economic comparison between three and four-conductor bundled 380 kV OHLs 25
Optimal Control of Stationary Lithium-Ion Capacitor-Based Storage Device for Light Electrical Transportation Network 25
Battery Conditional Reliability Function under an Inverse Gaussian model and its Bayes Estimation 25
Negative Log-Gamma distribution for data uncertainty modelling in reliability analysis of complex systems 24
A mathematic model for the design and the management of the control of safety and ambient conditions in railway tunnels 23
Advanced and Locally unresectable gastric carcinoma: five years of survival with good quality of life. 23
Analytical Study of Different Probability Distributions for Wind Speed Related To Power Statistics 23
On the design and the efficiency of coupled step-up dc-dc converters 23
Dispersed Generation Providing Ancillary Services in Distribution Networks Through Power Electronic Interfaces 23
Energy savings in urban mass transit systems: A probabilistic approach for sizing electric energy storage devices 23
Stator Current Signature Analysis for Fault Diagnosis in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Wind Generators 23
Active cathodic protection for HV power cables in undersea application 23
Negative Log-Gamma Distribution for Data Uncertainty modelling in Reliability Analysis of Complex Systems: methodology and robustness 22
Definizione e stima bayesiana dei parametri della qualità di un sistema elettrico 22
Propagation of Uncertainty in Reliability Analysis of Complex Systems 22
Advanced series and parallel converters for power system stability improvement 22
Design optimization of distribution transformers by minimizing the total owning cost 22
Estimating Wind Farm Transformers Rating through Lifetime Characterization Based on Stochastic Modeling of Wind Power 22
Una strategia versatile di controllo per i collegamenti HVDC 22
Modeling and bayes estimation of battery lifetime for smart grids under an Inverse Gaussian model 21
Battery Design based upon Life Cycle Statistics 21
Some basic properties of the Failure Rate of Redundant Reliability Systems in Industrial Electronics Applications 21
Bayes Estimation Of Extreme Wind Loads Based Upon A Poisson-Pareto Model 21
Feasibility study of the Hilbert transform in detecting the gear rattle phenomenon of automotive transmissions 21
On the Estimation of Power System Inertia accounting for Renewable Generation Penetration 21
Control strategy of advanced 25 kV-50 Hz electrified railway systems 20
Probabilistic battery design based upon accelerated life tests 20
An optimal control strategy for High-Speed Micro Gas Turbine Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Generator 20
Analytical formulation of overhead transmission lines loadability characteristics 20
Control of OLTC distribution transformer addressing voltage regulation and lifetime preservation 20
Ultra-Capacitor Models for All Electric and Hybrid Ship Power Systems 20
Caputo derivative applied to very short time photovoltaic power forecasting 20
Generalized approach to design supercapacitor-based storage devices integrated into urban mass transit systems 19
Optimal design of stationary supercapacitors storage devices for light electrical transportation systems 19
A New Supercapacitor Design Methodology for Light Transportation Systems Saving 19
Totale 2989
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2018/2019321 2631211 14119 7231 610710
2019/2020702 217156541 7914 325 28357299
2020/2021704 28587964 89104 6826 73336319
2021/2022931 1911415 423 1637 19251142417
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